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Just got back to my home in California about an hour ago. Had a 6:30 am (eastern time) flight back and then a 2 hour drive back from the airport. I Just wanted to say I really enjoyed your panel, you totally scored a crit! And your tangents are awesome. Thanks for making up the time on the end after the late start. I laughed. I cried. I bought the chapbook. p.s. - Can't wait to see the dice picture!
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Where will you be selling the chapbooks at? I want to make sure to grab one before they are all gone. Also, any word on t-shirt meet ups? I am flying out on a red eye tomorrow night and want to make sure I add them in to my schedule. Thanks man! See you at GenCon!
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Love this shirt! This one is definitely going to GenCon as is the Rules Lawyers shirt. Keep this up and I will have a new shirt for every day of the con. :)
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Jun 28, 2010