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Dearest Wils of the Wheatons, As I am now working in Japan, I regrettably cannot make it to PAX this year. A few people have been buying Aeofel shirts so I hope people wear them at PAX. If you do find another person wearing an Aeofel shirt, I'd love to see a picture on your twitter. The time difference between Japan and America so too great and I won't be able to watch the live stream of the DnD game. I hope your dice roll well! I've been using the dice that you blessed for me in a Star Wars tabletop game and I rolled a crit on my d20 for an acrobatics check which resulted in my character doing a badass backflip onto a loading bardge which subsequently hit two giant monsters. Thanks for the help! May FSM be with you forever and ever, Kirsten PS: There are two more shirts on the way that Molly will hopefully deliver at Emerald City Comic Con
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Hey Wil, glad to hear that the trip was super fun. I can't wait to hear stories from Molly! Hopefully you'll have time to finish your updates from PAX too after you're done with the JoCo Crazy Cruise! ~Kirsten
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Hey its Aeofel shirt girl~ I'm so glad you like the shirt, i bought another one for myself and was really impressed with the quality. Wear it with pride! #AeofelArmy
Toggle Commented Oct 18, 2010 on AEOFEL LIVES! at ctrl + alt + geek
You know I felt the same way when I met you. Kinda. While I haven't given you large sums of my money... yet... It was my nerdiest dream come true to meet you and take a pic with you. Also, expect a nerd-filled email with a special gift coming to your inbox soon!
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Wow a what a quick reply! While I should be studying for my final that's at 4... I'm sl glad that you loved the shirts!!!! I'd be willing to make your very own that says "Aeofel Forever" on the front and the wings in the back if you're willing to wear a shirt that has shiny silver wings. Also, expect my nerdy email to come this weekend after my college finals are done. Thanks again!!!!
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Hey Wil! Despite being a poor college student and arguing with myself whether or not i should have gone to w00tstock i'm so glad that i did. It was an amazing experience of nerd pride i wish i could live it all over again. While I am working on a bigger email to write to you, i just wanted to drop this quite note. Aeofel forever.
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May 11, 2010