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Priya Logan
United Kingdom
I am always on the lookout for fascinating distractions.
Interests: Creativity, reading, writing, comparative religion, family, discussions, lakes, rivers and mountains.
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Thanks for all your comments! Well JS if by "asking for it" you mean asking to be seen in a certain way then I most certainly do think that by choosing how dress we ask for that. If we didn't there would be no such thing as fashion. We would just wear government issue uniforms as it is depicted in futuristic sci fi. I definitely do not believe that clothing has an effect on your likelihood to be the victim of a rapist I think this is a whole separate issue. I sincerely hope that the boppingly snarly lyrics of "I Hate Boys" are not intended to address the devastating effect of rape.
I'd like to add that no matter how respectably you act and dress etcetera there will be people out there who will not respect you and will try to demean you and treat you like an object. My point is: why pander to these expectations ? We all know that stealing is wrong and people shouldn't do it (for instance) but which one of us does not take the precaution of keeping credit card details under wraps because we don't blindly let that kind of information get into the wrong hands. Our sexuality is more personal, precious and sacred than anything and it is being systematically relegated right down to an exploitable party trick.
Shanna, I don't think mistreatment is ever understandable or condonable but being publicly sexual is by its very definition being indiscriminately sexual. I also feel that female performers constantly upping their raunchiness is just as invasive as harassment when it blankets the media the way it currently does. I also do not believe that we should walk around shrouded in shame hiding our attractiveness and I agree we should dress for ourselves, but what does that mean ultimately ? It's about honest intentions.
Thanks for that comment Jean, it's refreshing to hear an alternative experience. This goes against the insane onslaught of propoganda trying to make us believe in this one way to fulfillment. Maybe this sort of thing would be a statement in the sixties; seventies, but now ? Who are they kidding? I am quite tired of people like Sarah Jessica Parker, whispering to interviewers in apologetic tones about how she doesn't really rave loudly about her sex life over lattes, and Jessica Alba, talking in an embarrassed tone about how she is not really comfortable being a femme fatale in real life even though she does portray them on screen. Why all the shame ladies ? I love your words Melissa! It's absurdity at its most demeaning. You may find the article above interesting. I just finished reading the book ( Smile or Die ) by the author and it's quite refreshing.
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Dec 21, 2010