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Sorry it has taken me a while to get here. The simple answer is personal preference. Here is what I did with mine and hopefully it may help. I started with me and why I was doing the book. From there I went back like the following: Me Wife Son Father / Mother wedding page Father Fathers parents Grandfather / Grandmothers Wedding page Grandfather Grandfather parents Grandmother Grandmothers parents continuing back Mother Mothers parents... etc Essentially I tried to break the book into the two sides of my family the best I could. I like the idea of working present to past.
I totally understand Leslie. It is a lot of work. I know that I found though, the more time I spent having what I needed already scanned and ready to use, the easier in the long run it was to keep the creative juices going because it made it much easier to try something and if I didn't like it try something else right away without having to completely stop the process and start scanning and digging around for more pictures. The better you are prepared at the beginning the better the end result will be. As i just mentiond in my last response to another question. I made seperate folders up for everyone I had pictures of, or those that I thought I would be putting together on the same page or pages like Gr. Gr. Grandparents.
What I did was create a folder for each person or person's I knew would be grouped on a page or two page spread. I just found it easier to manage, and put every picture I had of that person in the folder even though I knew I wouldn't be able to use them all. If you have two people in the picture or more, put copies in each folder. Once you start laying out your page you will find where it fits best. When you have multiple people in a photograph like a family reunion picture, you have a few options. Something like that you may want to turn it into a focal point of a page itself, adding names of people in it, when it was, fond memories of the event etc. I think it may make a great page on its own. Or you may have a two page spread of "Jane Doe" and the following pages may be "The decendants of Jane Doe"
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May 16, 2012