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ok... so approval from CB9 is not required, but does that preclude them from watching out for the neighborhood's welfare in general? are they still able (or willing) to intervene? this is crazy. this landlord was already busted for running a whore house, he should not be trusted to run what could end up being a transient facility. if someone posts this development to brownstoner, it will get a lot of attention and likely be stopped.
are they planning to actually sell pets? or just supplies/services? i hope just services...
most attempts to build "in context" end up looking terrible, like knockoffs of the original. better to aim for well executed architectural contrast in my opinion. stark and modern look great next to old and ornate - just look at the skyline of any modern city for examples.
any info on the new proprietors? lime was run horribly - $20 cover being the best example of one of their poor business choices. any details to offer?
i have heard that flatbush rents tend to be unreasonable. a byproduct of absentee landlords? let's hope that homesick is successful, and that they eventually break into the space next door to provide more seating...
is it just me, or does $7K sound unreasonable for the old Mike's space?