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My 11 year old daughter, Jane, has celiac. AND our family has been watching TNG episodes in order for a few years now (we're on season 5 currently). So when I told Jane that your sister and mother have celiac, she smiled broadly. (She has a little crush on Wesley.) I am thankful for your post. Poor Jane reported bellyaches all the time when she was 4 so we took her to a doc who told us she was "just a bellyache kid". Grrr. She ended up diagnosed at age 8, and it still makes me mad to think about all those years of vomiting and not being able to keep up with other kids that didn't need to be. Even the &#$@*!@ doctor didn't see it--that says a lot about how little known it is. So please thank your mom for me, one mom to another. We are all doing what we can so that other kids don't need to be sick for so long.
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Mar 8, 2011