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I was a bit surprised by the surprise at the expectation of violence appearing at the top of the list. But then the extent of the violence during adolescence is concealed from women/girls. I have not had to deal with insanely vicious violent sadists since I escaped from High School although I did observe some vestiges of macho cultist behavior while in college. I realize that everyone in high school is so caught up in their own crap they can not see much of anything else happening to anyone else. Even so, I would have thought that other people would have noticed the rather systematic manner in which I and other non-sadistically-violent males were dominated, humiliated and intimidated. I recall that Dan Savage wrote in the aftermath of the Columbine shootings in response to the pundits and reporters writing about how such horrible violence took place in the one place where "children feel safe" asked incredulously "Where the hell did these people go to high school?! Who feels safe in a high school?" To be fair to Greta Christina, in my time in HS even the most animalistic of bullies understood that females do not want to see anyone beaten. It used to bother me (not anymore) that a given feminist while decrying the evils of men would say something such as "men just don't know what it's like to fear physical attack all the time," or some such as that. A la Dan Savage I always thought to myself "were you blind in high school?!" That describes nearly every day of my live back then. But then I suppose if even the worst bully takes care not to assault his favorite victim in front of a potential sex partner then it's possible for a female to go through life without having much of an awareness of this phenomenon. This was true 30+ years ago and evidently (and sadly) it's still true now: for males in the U.S. during ages 11-18 if you're not a sadistically violent lunatic, very popular or built like Schwarzenegger then you're a walking punching bag.
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Jul 31, 2010