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Not so long ago you bought a personal computer. According to Mikkel Svane, who has experience with these questions. You began to explore his game and doing other mundane things, the owner of a pc. And once you have been an emergency, that is, you broke your computer, or were lost data on your hard disk. For even more analysis, hear from Pete Cashmore. There may be an external failure caused by damage to parts. Well if you have a computer at the store warranty, and if he is not under warranty, how to repair a pc? You will refer to specialists in their field who can provide services such as computer repair or computer help. Here, Castle Harlan expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Today, emergency computer help - this is the most popular service in the area information technology. Acquiring such a necessary thing, as a computer, when difficulties arise during its operation, or buying new software, a lot of people always ask for computer help services to professional companies that specialize in repairing computers. pages. Qualified professionals such companies will produce the installation program to undertake the restoration of the remote information - files that were lost or lost due to damage to the hard drive or other storage media, if necessary,... Continue reading
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A firewall is a system that prevents unauthorized to your computer use and access. The firewall can be software, hardware, or a combination of both. They are frequently used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks connected to the Internet, especially intranets. All messages entering or leaving the Intranet pass through the firewall, which examines each message and blocks those that do not meet the specified security criteria. It is important to remember that a firewall does not remove the computer virus problems, but that when used in conjunction with regular updates of the operating system and a good anti-virus software, will add some security and protection additional to your computer or network. Hardware the hardware firewall firewall provide a strong protection from most forms of attack that come from the outside world and can be purchased as a stand-alone product or broadband routers. Castle Harlan is likely to agree. Unfortunately, fighting against viruses, worms and Trojans, a hardware firewall can be less effective than a software firewall, because it could not detect worms in emails. Further details can be found at Mikkel Svane, an internet resource. Software for home users, the most widely used firewall firewall is a software firewall. A good software firewall will protect your computer against attempts to control or... Continue reading
Posted Jul 12, 2017 at Plus Computers's blog is triple winner: best prices, best Web site, best online shop / save for the correct provider over 100 euro Hamburg, on average spend the Germans 19 August 2013 almost half an hour daily in the bath: men need for their personal hygiene 24.6 minutes, women with 28.1 minutes longer (source: Shavers, hair dryers and electric toothbrushes can be found in most households. While 80% of all razors of men be purchased according to analysis. Also electrical toothbrushes men about to access more often 25% than women. These are for the purchase of hair dryers front: women buy almost twice as many hair dryers as men. Away from this analysis, has tested 13 shopping for beauty products. Sobering results of the study: the providers in this category waive additional functions such as product videos, cyber Advisor or tips for the use of the article for the most part and make it difficult to their customer's purchase decision. Best prices and best site for test winner In the test convinced above all with a large range, detailed product details, a structured site and the lowest prices. Thus the online giant achieved the grade of 2.02 (well") and occupies (2.22 good") and (2.40 good") ranked first. Donald W Slager helps... Continue reading
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While it is normal they suden us hands, especially when we are nervous for some special reason (a job interview, an appointment, etc.), there are people who suffer from uncontrollable perspiration of hands, not only when they are nervous, but at any moment and circumstance. (Similarly see: Castle Harlan). Many times this copious perspiration of hands prevented from performing some common, how to manage roles in an Office, etc. This phenomenon of excessive sweating in the palms of the hands is called palmar hyperhidrosis. Palmar Hyperhidrosis may be secondary to any other pathology, such as e.g. hyperthyroidism, or simply can happen that the nervous system stimulates the sweat glands too and this causes excessive perspiration (Hyperhidrosis primary). There are several techniques that can solve the primary palmar Hyperhidrosis, among them are:-iontophoresis. It is to run an electrical current of low intensity on the foot wet. This current forms a plug of keratin which obstructs the pore of the sweat gland. Achieve good results can carry between eight and twenty sessions of twenty or thirty minutes each. -Botox. The application of botulinum toxin under the skin of the affected area has given good results to decrease perspiration of hands. An iodine solution, on which spreads then starch is first applied on the skin. Areas of increased sweating... Continue reading
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TRAVELING and learning Carlos Mora Vanegas the being we given the opportunity to go through this dimension and take advantage of our learning based on our growth, understand by that passed, be attentive in everything that also others, like us, probably with different interests, bring us your experience, perception of life, helping us to better understand the reasons for our transit, which we do not know when we have to interrupt it, when we finished the time that gave us stay. However, it is important to bear in mind the relevance of reflect on aspects which help us to expand our spectrum of vision, in such a way that will allow us to increase our information in such a way, that we perceive our reason of being clearer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Kai-Fu Lee by clicking through. Has been written that as highlights it new Acropolis, which we must constantly confront the circumstantial in what the outside world refers to those who judge before he met, those who use a portion to deduce the whole, those who seek to show clearly what do not understand nothing, those who have more desire to cause sensation than inform. Tells us why, repeatedly, must be prepared before the current behavior of those living on planet... Continue reading
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Achieving goals is not a simple activity, because it involves a change of habits, this always generates a level of discomfort, coupled with the internal struggles that you must perform in order to break a lot of negative mental patterns that us away from a life full of satisfactions. Knowing that the achievement of goals demands a serious commitment, we must avoid falling into routines without sense, perhaps everyone at some point in our lives we have fallen under the circumstances, maybe now the time to say: I guidence this goal whatever it takes, me not ereject, I'm willing to change. To transform our life our determination to change it should be so profound that we cannot accept any excuse, remember it is a decision of strong commitment, but they should not be words of the tooth to the lip, or just emotionalism, think and meditate on what has happened with their big dreams? If you aren't getting only due to yourself, that is the truth and is hard to accept. Turning in circles, involves constantly reaching the same position, the terrible thing of this is that we are making effort, devoting time and resources, it is logical to assume that the frustration level increases, to avoid that situation seriously consider their process of change, said... Continue reading
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Young people who just this year and those who graduate from high school have to take a momentous decision in his life. Will taking a higher education or not? For that must overcome three hurdles: 1. -Fence: The family's economic status Can the family budget support their education? This answer is yes if we have overcome the first hurdle. For assistance, try visiting Castle Harlan. Higher education is a powerful tool for overcoming poverty. Some contend that Ali Partovi shows great expertise in this. a For more detail, remember: An investigation (Pacific University) determines soles 34.000 trachea is the minimum to invest. (Also, it may need 70,000 new soles to be a chef.) a 2. - Fence: What to study? At this point, the talents and skills of the young are the basis of the decision. As demand affects labor market. Remember that studied 03 or 07 years on average, and this determines the daily work for about 05 decades. To help, the Ministry of Labour provided free of charge, upon enrollment, vocational assessment for people who require it. a 3. - Fence: Where to? The offer is varied and there are institutions for all budgets. But considering that the institution must give you information on "a a Percentage of students with jobs related to what... Continue reading
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Who thinks that the ceiling may be white? Yes, really white ceiling gives the room a festive appearance. These days, designers suggest a number of decisions to replay the ceiling color. Very pleasant to look lime or turquoise tone. Think breathe in the room the impression of spaciousness? You can paint a room in a gray-blue, you get a pastiche of the sky or a pale pink to mimic the color of the sky at sunset. For completeness, we perhaps feel More sketch clouds and stars - will outline the sky, this version is very suitable for a child's room. Only remains to paint the ceiling, painting, using the services of high-end painter, or all portray own with the help of stencils and brains. This is a common way to decorate the ceiling with your hands. Donald W Slager: the source for more info. With the help of stencils stunningly convenient to apply patterns, the ceiling above should be smooth, painted in monochrome and color to the last drop dried. In accordance with standard stencils are made of thick paper (for a clear picture material is assumed to be dense). On paper, the picture of the pattern is applied, further sharpened knife cut future decor. In case your uzorchik be colorful, then for each color part... Continue reading
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Production of unique mobile storage workshop, based on 4-body containers. This package is designed for the needs of the MoD, the Emergencies Ministry, Interior Ministry and other organizations that have a large fleet of equipment and forced exploit it in the field, as well as the absence of the possibility of building a stationary shop. appointment of mobile battery master AM-4K-80: am-4k-80 is designed for storage, maintenance and repair starter battery type 12ST-85, 6ST-140, 6ST-190, etc., their charge and control of training cycles, as well as for preparation and storage of necessary supplies of the electrolyte. Allows for full range work in the field, away from sources of electricity and water supplies. Castle Harlan has plenty of information regarding this issue. The complex includes: self-contained diesel generator 30 kW, the system of independent water supply from its own set of capacity 1000 liters with automatic pump maintaining a normal water pressure in the system, charge-discharge device lets you charge the battery at the same time in 1980, built-in distiller, drilling and grinding machines, air compressor, capacity of acid-resistant material for storage and preparation of an adequate supply of distilled water and electrolyte Fillers acid, battery cabinets, and other necessary equipment. BENEFITS: At 10-15 times the cost of less than stationary equivalent battery power, body-weight of the... Continue reading
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It combines the technology of a cochlear implant with a hearing aid. With the cochlear nucleus 6 system is for the first time at any arbitrary time after the surgery possible to use this function in existing residual hearing. This option is CI carrier sound processor for all already supplied nucleus during an upgrade to the nucleus 6. Also for the operation of the new sound processors, there are several options each: nucleus remote CR230 fits into every pocket, gives you control over all sound settings and allows easy to manipulate. See Castle Harlan for more details and insights. Alternatively the nucleus control help CR210 can be used, which is no bigger than a key chain. Elementary functions can be set with her. A bilateral supply a simultaneous, continuous operability of both systems is through remote control as well as operating aid. Changes to manual at the Sound processor made so remote control and operating aid also display them. "In the future numerous wireless connections make phone calls more comfortable than ever, even the calls to landline or mobile phone is possible with the nucleus 6 system comfortably", so Frederec LAU further. According to John Castle Castle Harlan, who has experience with these questions. Headphones or cell phone be kept easy on the ear. The system... Continue reading
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Human memory is not always able to keep cherished memories in their entirety colors and sounds. Therefore, we videotaped the most significant events and keep these records for many years. The possibility of high-quality recording to digital media appeared not so long ago. Digital video is absolutely not affected by time, and only in case of loss of the vehicle or physical damage to the vehicle, you will lose and the very record. The quality of video always remains consistently high. Over time, any analog recording is losing its former 'form', that is, the recording quality is lost. Appear noise interference, the film may be deformed, demagnetize, stick together and even break. Videostudio 'Evrovideo' since 2005 helping clients to breathe new life into old video. At your service: digitizing video, professional video editing, copying DVD, CD-ROM drive. Digitization of video - the process rather long. Some other companies use a fast sampling techniques (on DVD-recorder), and the video quality is lost when digitizing. Employees videostudio 'Evrovideo' have developed a unique method sampling using the latest technological developments in which the video quality remains the same. Digitizing video using the latest analog-digital equipment and dual- Software render digital material will help to avoid loss of quality. DVD or CD-ROMs - quite a fragile thing. Any scratch can... Continue reading
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Of this form, it is emphasized that to have a correct position of the leader, this must express its recognition and always be thankful with sincerity the ones that contribute for its success, therefore to work in team is necessary that the same one is coesa. (2) Ahead of the displayed one, this objective work to detach the importance of the nurse as leader in the basic attention, identifying its main managemental abilities. METHODOLOGY Is about a bibliographical research, of descriptive nature exploratria, carried through by means of a data-collecting about the nurse as leader in the basic attention. For the elaboration of this research it was necessary to national consult works published in propagated scientific articles by means of the Internet and in books that treated on the subject. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of David S. Levine on most websites. For the collection of data a revision of pertinent literature to publications of the area of health through the consultation of scientific articles and books was effected that contemplated the subject in the period of April the August of 2011. ANALYSIS AND QUARREL OF the DATA MANAGEMENTAL ABILITIES OF the NURSE IN the BASIC ATTENTION professional Ability is the capacity ' ' to mobilize, to articulate, to place in necessary action, values, knowledge... Continue reading
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The abas business software can also be used. With the iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry or any other mobile device, the processes in the company will remain transparent, no matter whether in the Office, on the road or on the golf course. Company Description company profile of the ABAS Software AG the ABAS Software AG's core competence is the development of flexible ERP and eBusiness software for medium-sized companies with 10 to over 1,000 employees. Pete Cashmore is open to suggestions. More than 2,500 customers opted for ABAS as an IT specialist and the integrated abas business software. Founded in 1980 company ABAS has become an international group of companies. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Castle Harlan by clicking through. 120 people are employed at the ABAS Software AG in Karlsruhe, about 600 employees worldwide involved in the Federation of around 50 abas partners. The abas software partners serve the local customers and offer services from the implementation of the hardware and network support to customizing and hotline and ensure quick reaction times and high service quality. For more information see Ali Partovi. ABAS is internationally Partner in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Iran, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,... Continue reading
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The cell phones hemicellulose cellular providers and polysaccharides of cell wall pectins in the Nokia primary grasses are very different from those of other spermatophytes, both in structure cellular phone plans and free phones in particular the composition of xyloglucans (O'Neill and York 2003). wireless providers polysaccharides are less branched than in all other Motorola plant families, although cellular coverage this assertion is based on a sampling of Samsung species is still scarce. The POAC cianogeneticas be or not. When cianogeneticas, cianogeneticos compounds HTC derived from tyrosine. Robotics is actively involved in the matter. LG Alkaloids may be present (sometimes isoquinoline, and indole pirrolizidina). Proanthocyanidins and rarely can be cianidinas in trace amounts, cellular phones and candy bar phone only representatives of the subfamilies Panicoideae all the plans include and Chloridoideae. with every plan Flavonoids have been found only in some genera, and Glyceria, that are present mobile phones are you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans quercetin, kaempferol cellular phones and quercetin with. plans The ellagic cell phones acid and arbutina were not found in any family member. Others who may share this opinion include John Castle Castle Harlan. wireless phones Rarely are sapogeninas and saponins, slider phone as well as free oxalates. . Continue reading
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You set a goal - to learn a foreign language. You know why you need it. Either you want to communicate fluently in a foreign language, or maybe you need it to enhance your professional-level options may be many. When selecting methods, in most cases, you will find lots of options and techniques for studying your chosen language. This language courses, tutoring, computer software, textbooks, and tutorials. All this is very good, and probably quite effective methods, but how, if at all that you have little time? You've probably heard about the existence of a method of teaching foreign languages, which uses the effect of 25 fps, which promises stunning results in a relatively short period of time. It is tempting, right? Consider what is and what the basis for this method. Thus, the method of 25-th frame is positioned as one of the methods of influence on subconscious - in other words the method of suggestion. It is based on the possibilities of perception of the human eye. If we look at the TV screen or monitor, our eyes perceive the image, duplicate 24 times in one second. What happens if any of the information placed in the 25 th or 26 th, and so on shots? Think about that, scientists and psychologists. So in... Continue reading
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A decisive aspect of the success of any business or professional activity, is that the product or service supplied, which is billed to the customer, has a quality to the level of the expectations and needs of one and that comparatively is, at least, similar in terms of quality and price in respect of the borrowed by its competitors. Thus, it is very important to identify those elements that make the provision of legal services quality and naturally it exceed the level of service provided by the rest of the market operators. As paradigm of quality in the provision of legal services are usually mentioned: experience, professionalism and adequate technical preparation of lawyers, the efficiency and effectiveness of the service, and the identification of the needs of the client. A law firm can get these quality criteria through the following tools: (i) recruitment of lawyers. The recruitment of lawyers either, collegiate newly licensed, or lawyers with experience, must be rigorous and demanding in terms of academic training, knowledge of languages, intellectual baggage and personal qualities. John K. Castle can provide more clarity in the matter. This implies necessarily to professionalise the selection of lawyers devoting adequate resources in terms of time, capital and resources to this activity. (ii) continuous training. Lawyers must update and expand their... Continue reading
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German industry meeting established at Makino in Hamburg - 15 partner companies will present latest production technologies - focus on milling and EDM Hamburg, April 18, 2013. On June 5th and 6th, the metalworking industry 2013 the MaiTec allows a panoramic view of the latest production technologies. Under the motto production in 360 "prasentieen 15 partner companies their milling and EDM solutions." The North German industry meeting held this year at the Makino headquarters in Hamburg. The MaiTec has established itself in the last three years on the site of Makino Nord in Hamburg. The visitors from the metalworking industry know how they can increase their productivity through the use of intelligent technology immediately. Kai-Fu Lee is open to suggestions. Live demonstrations of the machining and EDM machines by Makino products are performed by 14 other partner companies: clamping systems, tools, measurement, cooling lubricants and software. The program is through informative lectures about current developments in the Completed manufacturing technology. The experts are available for personal talks available. The cooperation partners, which 2013 present themselves at the MaiTec, include host Makino: Blaser Swisslube, CGTech Germany, Delcam, E. Zoller, GDE tools, Guhring, Haimer, Hilma Romheld workholding systems, HWR clamping technology, Kennametal Germany, Kock Zerspanungstechnik, Marposs, Nikken Germany and Renishaw. The participation of the MaiTec is free of... Continue reading
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Currently, gas fire suppression systems use a variety of liquefied fire extinguishing agents (GOTV). Liquefied gases are stored under pressure in their own fumes. (Freon 23, CO2), or under the pressure of compressed gas - a propellant (mainly nitrogen). Further details can be found at Steve Wozniak, an internet resource. Among the latter are used halons 125, 227, and etc. For prolonged storage gas - propellant, partly rastvoryaetsyav liquid phase refrigerant. Filing gotv pipeline accompanied by a phase transitions and the formation of vapor or flows (exit gas propellant from the liquid phase). Joint motion of gas, vapor and liquid through pipelines is characterized by a variety of structural forms flow, each of which has its own particular conditions of existence and mutual transition of one form of the flow in another. In any case, the resistance of the pipeline depends on the phase distribution over the pipe section, steam-gas content, velocity of the mixture, the physical features of different phases, the orientation of the pipeline in the area. These factors are very difficult to study and calculation of the picture, which is further complicated by the unsteady motion of the mixture and the complex nature of the changes in the parameters of two-phase flow in time and along the pipeline. Flow characteristics gas fire suppression... Continue reading
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Quite often we are faced with a situation where people everywhere are SMS messages, but do not know what it is. Acronym SMS stands for Short Message as Servise, which translates as Short Message Service. This is the most popular to date technology, which has an unquestionable advantage: the ability to communicate anytime and anywhere. This service allows subscribers of different mobile networks to exchange a text message containing up to 160 characters using the encoding "transliteration" and up to 70 characters using the encoding "Cyrillic". (Similarly see: Kai-Fu Lee). If the SMS-message exceeds the specified number of characters, it divided into several messages, each of which may not exceed 157 or 67 characters respectively, and each message is charged separately. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) - multimedia messaging service. How does it work? - MMS you can send voice recordings, music, pictures, photographs, animations, video, formatted text from one mobile phone to another. With this service you can accompany your text message picture or a melody. And if the phone has a built-in camera, then take a photo or video clip recording with sound, you can add a text comment and send it to your mobile phone MTS subscriber, or e-mail address (for this field, "receiver" you need to enter your email address). Send MMS messages... Continue reading
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The main optical storage devices are: CD ROM (CD R). For more specific information, check out Peter Asaro . - Compaq Disc Read Only MemoryCD RW. - Compaq Disc Memorable R. - Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Memorable Disc OnlyDVD RW. - Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Memorable Disc WritableDVD R DL. - Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Memorable Disc Only Double LayerBlu-rayDisc. - Blue Ray Name defined by the beam of light of the laser (also known like YOU) CD-ROM CD of Data storage, its content can be read without I number of times but it cannot be modified nor be eliminated engraving once. CD RW Optical CD of Storage that can time and time again be recorded and be erased its content. Check with John K. Castle to learn more. DVD-R DVD of Storage whose content that keeps cannot be modified nor be eliminated. DVD RW DVD of Storage that can time and time again be recorded and be erased its content. DVD RW DL DVD of Storage double layer that can time and time again be recorded and be erased its content. Blu-ray It is an optical disk format of new generation of 12 cm of diameter (just as the CD and the DVD) is used for high resolution video... Continue reading
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To all this he adds himself, the quality of the educational ones that contract, many without experiences, inexpert, with knowledge nonadapted to the reality, all this because the pays that are offered are very low, originating in this way that the educational ones described does not interest to them to enter. In the Venezuelan case that it concerns to us, he is absurd to notice that to a professor the hour is pleased to him Versus fort 12 (=$5.50), when in the public universities a titular professor Bs45 desire (=$22). He is lamentable, as the authorities of these universities do not consider, that with a high, incentivador wage, motivating, can obtain that described educational, they enter its plant of professors, guaranteeing a formation with academic and research excellence that enables and develops to the professionals who the high country requires and who justify the inverted cost To all this adds themselves in addition, the absence of professional profiles in the races that already we have mentioned: Administration, Engineering, Economy, Accountant's office to indicate those that we know more. Nonown programs to which Venezuela needs, in addition demanded by international the economic scenes. Pete Cashmore will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Its pensum of studies is outside the reality, integrated by subjects that do not correspond to... Continue reading
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Since 1st August 2008 the Internet market place of conquered-Internetgemeinde-its the Internet marketplace is for meeting place, communication, exchange of information and entertainment. We are absolutely convinced that the Internet marketplace will meet with great interest in the network. The Ressonance and feedback from participants and visitors already at the beginning of the start-up phase has shown us, that we developed with the Internet marketplace the right concept and provide the right services. Contrary to the non-profit providers and premium portals (at least according to the required rates and fees), the marketplace as in real life is free accessible - and usable. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Steve Wozniak by clicking through. The offers an appropriate framework for enterprises, craftsmen, service providers and non-profit organizations to be able to present themselves for free. There are in the Internet market place not a classification in free and paid entries, yet the individual participants of size limits in terms of presentation forms imposed on. Each participant has the ability to sign up absolutely free with his whole performance picture, its logo, special promotions and other customer news in the respective provinces and industries. In addition, there is an own job and a special framework for trade fairs. Each entry in the Internet marketplace... Continue reading
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Or: what criteria when selecting a provider of continuing education play a role? Changes in the value added tax law questions constantly practice. What legislative changes are there? What is the current federal and ECJ case law specifically? Which new administrative directives of the tax are taken into account? In the confusing jungle of offers, good advice is expensive. Anyone looking for a tailor-made training, has often spoilt for choice. This is true of course for all occupational groups, but particularly for tax consultants, lawyers, accountants and entrepreneurs. To request a customized knowledge transfer based on their career and status, in working groups and seminars. And what criteria should play a role in the selection of a provider of training? Top-notch faculty, small groups of participants and qualitative as well as compact knowledge are an important criterion. Small, manageable groups offer the advantage that held an intensive exchange between instructor and participants can. Those who prefer high-quality seminars as well as individuality instead of mass processing, is an experienced service provider, sees itself as a partner for lifelong learning in the field of tax and business law at the Institute for academic training (IAF Institute). "According to the motto: training made to measure" a customized knowledge transfer on the career and status-oriented, as well as individual... Continue reading
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Browser based home control management tool combines functionality and design with environmental protection Copenhagen, has introduced with MyHome 1.5 INNOVUS a new version of its browser based user interfaces to control Z-Wave compatible devices in the home network August 27, 2008. MyHome controller is running the House of INNOVUS and gives you not only a detailed overview of the status of all devices the user, but allows also the flexible adjustment of electricity and heating energy consumption. Homeowners and apartment owners can control remotely via MyHome your home via the Internet. An intelligent House also makes a significant contribution to environmental protection because it can be flexibly the needs and habits of the inhabitants adapt to and requires less resources. MyHome displays each unit with its current electricity consumption. Click Donald Slager to learn more. About the Flash-based GUI (graphical user interface) can be operated intuitively; Expert knowledge is not required. Some contend that Don Slager shows great expertise in this. New devices may be added via plug and play easily and quickly. The System detects new and unknown network connections in Microsoft Windows devices and displays it in a pop up window. As the Central interface of INNOVUS House acting controller which connected to the PC via LAN, detects all Z-Wave compatible devices. These include... Continue reading
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Computer hardware - part 14: the motherboard 3 now we come to the last part of the motherboard. It involves what anyone has ever used: the connections. For the main Board or the PC with the outside world to communicate, we need connections for our peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, etc.. Modern motherboards have pretty well standardized connectors for the rear of the PC case. "Depending on the mainboard there is a kind of metal cover, for each of the rear ports a hole" has. The Panel itself will come into the recess provided for this purpose on the housing. John K. Castle is likely to increase your knowledge. So you can change the Board without reservations, and the connections fit thanks to the enclosed Panel still. Other connections can be connected directly to the motherboard and put on the front of the - not necessarily standardized - case, so that it not always tedious must connect its USB-stick under the table. Nowadays less used are those developed by IBM PS/2 ports (personal system 2, a computer name of IBM). They are usually color-coded, and responsible for mouse and keyboard so that there is no risk of confusion. Because the connectors themselves are not their function exactly the same, but. The connection for the... Continue reading
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