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Um...Duaner Sanchez? He hasn't been a Met for like 8 months.
I feel it. This one is going to happen for real.
Okay, I take back my first post. Uggla + Anibal Sanchez + Jai Miller for Billingsley
@danielpwns Yeah thats why 35,000+ showed up to the last three games right? And calling Dan Uggla terrible is way off line.You can say what you want about his strikeouts, but a guy who is the fastest to 100 HR for 2B ever, boy that guy's awful. Adam Dunn, Mark Reynolds, Ryan Howard, boy, they are awful players because they strike out a lot. .257 batting average could be a little better, but that is not "terrible." .344 OBP is "terrible" too right? Knock in 92, hit 32 HR? You guessed it, terrible.
I could see an Uggla for Billingsley swap
@lakersdodgersyankees4life For Uggla, it would probably take a Blake DeWitt, Scott Elbert, + High C/Low B prospect For Uggla + Johnson, it would probably take the aforementioned and Xavier Paul, Chin-Lung Hu, Tony Delmonico, James McDonald, and Travis Schlichting in addition. If you want to throw Hanley in there, just for kicks and giggles, it would probably take the aforementioned and Clayton Kershaw, Russell Martin, A.J. Ellis, and Ronald Belisario.
I think Cristhian Martinez would make the team before Carlos Martinez would.
Honestly, I love JJ. If that deal would happen, it would look like: Marlins Give Up: Dan Uggla, Josh Johnson Dodgers Give Up: Blake DeWitt, Xavier Paul, Scott Elbert, and Tony Delmonico
you mean 2011 for Tony LaRussa?
Wes Helms isn't a free agent right? Or did I misread?
except Vandy cant come back unless theres an injury
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Jorge Cantu and Brett Hayes and Carlos Martinez for Heath Bell
Am I wrong or did Chad Bradforf get acquired after July 31 and played in the World Series?
Mike, Check that is to top 100 prospects of all time.
I don't love Jeremy Hermida...far from it...but from what I have heard (him getting released etc.), Francoeur doesn't seem like the top talent he used to be. Hermida's defense is horrifying...but he is on a hot streak. I would rather Emilio Bonifacio for Francoeur...move Coghlan to 3B and Jeremy Hermida to LF.
You're welcome, Ben
For the 1st year of the stadium, they are going to draw, that's obvious, because it's new. If they are winning that year, I fully expect the attendance to at least continue to the next year.
@terrasaire The minor league teams change affiliation every few years
And they signed Gary Glover...
The Marlins could possibly get Cain if they through in the Still-Waiting-To-Bloom Jeremy "Maybe I Can Hit The Ball Out of The Infield" Hermida. Since he was a prized prospect, and now he is .271/.383/.387 so someone might take on him How about instead of Cain, Sanchez?
Sorry, I meant put Lewis in LF
The Best thing, as a Marlins fan, would be Uggla for Cain and Lewis. Move Coghlan back to 2B and put Lewis in 2B. Of course, Cain + Lewis > we would have to give a little more...Burke Badenhop + Brett Carroll anyone? Maybe we can throw in Fredi Gonzalez in for free!
Houston is in all likelyhood going no where this year. why don't they trade Valverde to Atlanta for Scott Redmond. Valverde proabaly won't resign, Atlanta needs a true bona-fide closer instead of set-up guys trying to close (soriano and gonzo) and Atlanta a surplus of good pitching prospects. Good trade all around Posted by: bravoboy10 | May 24, 2009 at 06:34 PM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is Scott Redmond even a real person?