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So, IPv4 exhaustion plays the role of Y2K in this bubble, yes?
Unequal constituency sizes account for about a third of the difference between Labour and Conservative - if it was equalled out, the Tories would get about 20 more MPs. Not nothing, but not the sixty that they "should" get. The biggest factor is that turnout in Labour-held seats averages about 10% lower than in Tory-held ones. That's in spite of all the postal-vote fiddles to get more vote out for Labour. Indeed, that's why Labour are so keen on improving turnout. To take the examples in the article, (the old version of) Liverpool Wavertree had a turnout of 50.8% in 2005; Daventry (the base for the new South Northants seat) had a turnout of 68.1%. That's why, with similar percentages of the votes cast, Tim Boswell got over 31,000 votes and Jane Kennedy got about 18,500. You can't correct for turnout using boundaries; the only way is to change the electoral system. If we're going to stick with First-Past-The-Post, then we're stuck with that problem. You could have a non-PR multi-member constituency system, like we have for local councils (multi-X) or like Japan has (single-X multiple MPs).
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See that rocket? I think Wil should get one. If you do too, then please nominate "Memories of the Future" for Best Related Book in the 2010 Hugos. Thanks.
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I'm just nominating Memories of the Future for a Best Related Book Hugo. Can I suggest that some other people might wish to do that. You could also nominated Memories of the Futurecast for Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form) but Avatar will run away with that this year. WWDN is eligible for Best Fanzine, too
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Jan 6, 2010