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People always look for ways which will be useful as guides to improve various aspects of their lives, and in the way of being, attitude, readiness to different activities and people, so many aspects that accompany life. So one of the most widely used means for achievement and improvement of different points of life, is very frequent recourse to the books and readings that give different councils in attitude and mentality to life, because through such readings may be responding to different examples of errors that are explained and options for improvement in the presence of possible situations that replicate the findings in books. As you can understand the reading of books can be very useful, but not just any book, because for excellent results is necessary to read an excellent guidebook, one of the highlights in this issue is the book by Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad , "book that is useful for issues relating to economic activities to a greater extent in respect to investment activities, in addition to this guide shows how it should be education and visions of economic development and activities of financial progress. The main points in which it works the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is the task of tearing down the myth that income is necessary to have a large amount of money to get rich, another point is to understand that the money be allocated for things like home and other daily destination as cars, motorcycles, or appliances are not investment vehicles belong to another type of destination of the money, it is also very important focus given to the role that parents have about their children, ie as the parent can create a vision of life to his son, who in the book presents a rich father shows his son that... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2017 at Point of View
This item opens field for varied investigations: If the art she will be necessarily on to the new, as to analyze the new according to old parameters? If something will be truily new, will have to cause queerness; that man would obtain to see perspective what he happens in its time, with the distanciamento that the years will only be able to offer to it? On the other hand, the art has its paper of influence in the human development, accumulating of stocks those that can practise it without the concern to bring a necessarily unknown contribution for the humanity. The author seems to question, in this manner, the paper of the art critic. A formador of opinion? Who needs it? Its opinion is always exempt? Having it preferences, would not be supervaluing them or subestimando the opposite? By chance this man would not be limited what he knows? Would exist a critic of art capable to catch all and to give an opinion that took in account the intentions of the artist? These questions, difficult of if answering and citizens to the intense controversy, seem enough to question the validity of the competitions of art and of the concepts that permeiam the mind of the chosen ones for the paper of judges (18). Professionals who dirigem its analyses with intention to get personal profit are being considered. The citation ' ' ethics initiatives culturais' ' it suggests the promotion of the individual and the society, without preferences and preconceptions. In the time of Mozart, Salieri gained a prize of better composer of the time, makes a mistake that the time if charged to question and to review. The Manifesto is categorical when affirming that no man brings in itself capacities enough to judge, as or better worse, an artistic... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2017 at Point of View
At temperatures above 10 degrees, the beer is deposited - evaporate its aromatic and flavor components, of greatest interest. Beer can not be quenched, to put it in the freezer or heated. Beer consumption begins at the time of loading. Beer is poured into the center of mugs or glasses from a height of 2.5 cm over the edge of the vessel. (Similarly see: Common). After thickening foam on the first pouring beer topped so that its level reaches about 3 / 4 the height of a glass or a special mark, which often make for a beer container. To broaden your perception, visit Budweiser. Quality beer easiest to identify to "cap". In the best grades of foam has a cream consistency, monolithic and compact, with no bubbles, almost entirely white. Good foam easily forms a "cap" is characteristic of his kind. This can be achieved by cutting the foam faces of the circles, such as a kitchen knife, before you pour the last batch of beer. To achieve a model of foam to use vessels with no traces of contamination from fat. Therefore it is better to use cookware abstracted for drinking beer. Beer can not be transferred from one vessel to another, beer - in unfinished. It should not be shaken or stir. Atmospheric oxygen causes turbidity in beer, and it, experts say, "Asleep". Needless drinking beer has certain rules. To get maximum enjoyment, the beer should not drink more greedy gulps. Do it in three gulps. At first sip consumed half of the vessel, and second - half the remaining beer in the third - the rest. Continue reading
Posted Aug 1, 2017 at Point of View
The most important condition when choosing a site for the construction of pavilions - a beautiful view from it. The task of the designer - to make as open as possible to review the most advantageous point of the garden (flower beds, single flowering trees, garden stones, fountain, alpine slide) and mask with unattractive (eg, patch, or hozblok trash can). TYPES arbors When it comes to form, the choice here depends entirely on your imagination and budget allocated for the construction of the arbor. In general, the arbors are: rectangular, multi-faceted, round, peaked, closed and open, with no sex or sex, massive log and exquisite trellis pergolas, arbors in the form of ancient temples and Chinese pagodas. Credit: Jean Luc Picard-2011. Manufacturers of prefabricated sectional garden buildings offer a fairly wide range of ready-made houses, sheds and gazebos, and if you are comfortable with a wrench and a screwdriver, you able to collect one such instance during the day. But if you want to invent and create their own construction yard, there are several factors that must be taken into account. For the construction of pergolas STOYMATERIALY better use of softwood. It is better to buy a tree already pre-treated with a protective antiseptic. The most suitable material for the construction of pavilions is promorennaya pine. It is more available, compared with other types of wood, as well as easier to process. Oak and larch are also used for the manufacture of arbors, but this material is expensive, hard and difficult to process. In addition, oak and larch not available in all regions of Russia (in particular in the middle lane, they are rarely used.) ROOF When designing gazebos to immediately determine the type of roof. It can be a ridge or a flat (which has a slope of 5-10... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2017 at Point of View
After all, why would want to put an image that would attract people? If one pays attention will see that people often change your photo, do it every time you get a supposedly better. It is an essential part of a dating site to have a perfect image, and I am sure that if Facebook allowed more than one image, most have more than one. Is not that what people do in a dating site? Of course, then you have to make sure you have many, many 'friends'. Can not have only a handful, one must have more than all others. In fact, rarely get a profile (unless new) that is less than 50 friends in their ranks. One can add to your list of friends around the country or the world to show how popular it is and how varied are your friendships. Facebook also provides essential information for a dating site: birthday, occupation, e-mail, when he became a member, interests and jobs / clubs. You can even add information such as phone number, address, nickname, personal web site, another e-mail, and even the political position (to make sure you'll agree with "potential" candidates. (Candidates for you, and not for any election, I clarify then ...). The profiles contain your favorite music, what do you love movies, and links, clicking on them will bring to other users with the same artist. I see many profiles of people using this space as an opportunity to show how "eclectic" are. And, unfortunately, to read some of those profiles, it is quite evident that do not fit with that person. You can then create groups that help put people to meet according to their common interest to see if this person you have in view is a potential candidate. There are groups... Continue reading
Posted Jun 8, 2017 at Point of View
It is at this moment that the philosophy, while it disciplines pertaining to school is absent of the resume, therefore, according to positivista orientation (that it appeared as the main one influence of this period), the philosophy was not considered a doutrinal substance. In addition, for the republicans, the philosophy was seen with much diffidence due to the ideological character of the Church Catholic. Of this form, the philosophy lost its obligatoriness and started to be one disciplines mere optional until the arrival of the ditatorial period. With the dictatorship, other reforms had been implanted e, with this, the philosophy definitively were removed of the pertaining to school resume for if to deal with one disciplines that it is worried in forming consciences, that help to reflect on the questions that afflict our society, promoting the quarrel of ideas, systems and theories. As the ideals of the specialized military were to form technician, to occupy positions in the companies who had been installed in our country during this period, that is, divergent ideals, then the philosophy was disliked for that if they found in the power that they had defended its exit of the resume on behalf of the National Security. Although the historical oscillation of disciplines of philosophy in the education of Brazil, its presence in average education must be understood as important and necessary, in the measure where if shown most efficient to develop the critical reasoning of the educandos, you discipline inasmuch as them traditional that they are part of the resume of average education are not appropriate to the apprehension of this objective. The main existing difference between the philosophy and the others you discipline of average education, as Geography, for example, is in the philosophical treatment excused to the problems and to the questions that... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2016 at Point of View
Improperly required joint litigation.- The need to integrate this type of joint litigation is not set to load directly by law, but the need arises in the process of the relationship to material that is this: the relationship is material only, but with ownership in several people, and the treatment given can only be effective if they are all present, or at least referred to it. 2) Effects of joint litigation process necessary .- According to Colombian law: a. As for the sentence .- The need exists litisconsorico a claim or several of which hold several people at the same fate so that the sentence must be unique and same for everyone. b. In terms of procedure .- As there is a single process, the terms for running a remedy and transfers are common, or exist simultaneously for all co-parties once stocked the notification to all of them. The transfer of the claim is clear when there is a common agent (whether voluntarily choose what people within the party or the respective country's legislation requires the unity of the judicial seizure). c. As for acts involving disputed provision of the law .- As all necessary co-parties make up the part, acts involving disputed provision of the law should come from all of them for the act to be effective. The transaction, withdrawal, will only be effective if they emanate from everyone. d. As far as the nullity .- In the case of nullity, lack of ability or performance or subpoena, as with the challenges, the principle that the restoration of nullity or vice in general only be done by the person who causes injury the act charged. Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2016 at Point of View
It looked very good idea.) Financial authorities have a major responsibility for what happened. Basel Standards, theoretically designed to control the system, stimulated the SECURITISATION to extremes can obscure and complicate enormously the markets they are intended to protect. The Boards of Directors of financial institutions involved in this great fiasco, have a great responsibility, because they have not heard anything. And that included the Board of Directors of the Savings Bank of San Quirze Some rating agencies have been incompetent or independent from their clients, which is very serious end of story (for now): the main Central Banks (the European Central Bank, the U.S. Federal Reserve) have been injecting cash in order to enable banks to have money. ** 22.1. A friend of mine asked me: Where does the European Central Bank money? To avoid complicating the explanation of the crisis, I added a new word in this Dictionary: ECB, European Central Bank. There you have the answer to the question. Some experts say yes than no money, but what is missing is confidence. In other words, the liquidity crisis is not a real crisis of trust of others. Meanwhile, sovereign funds, or investment funds created by countries with surplus funds from the accounts, (mainly from oil and gas) as Wallpaper Arab Emirates, Asia, Russia, etc.. are buying stakes in major American banks to bring them out of the jam they have gotten. Of course, follow the story in the monthly updates of this Dictionary. The first update is below: INSURANCE OF DEBT. Continue reading
Posted Jul 23, 2016 at Point of View
In the first trimester, the expenses of the families had advanced 0.7% in the comparison with the three previous months. In accordance with the IBGE, the consumption of the families comes decelerating, but still he was positive because the credit is being retaken and the wage mass still is positive. The great expenses of the government with the public administration had also helped. Had in part to the increase of the servers, the public expenses had gone up 0.6%. In the comparison the first trimester of 2008 and 2009 enters, the great expenses of the families had been extended in 1,3% and of the public administration, 2.7%. the remaining portion of the year? The result of the first trimester, evaluates the analysts, increased the possibilities of the country to lock up the year with the positive GIP or a small retraction. In the accounts of the Consultoria Trends, the GIP can lock up the year between zero and 0.3% less. To arrive in this result, the variations in the next trimesters would be of 0,9%, 1.5% and 0.9% always considering the series with adjustment and comparing trimester with the immediately previous period. These results would come, therefore, in the sequncia of the fall of 0,8% of the first trimester on the room of 2008.A industry accented the fall registered in the last trimester of 2008. In the comparison with equal period of the previous year, the tumble arrived 9.3% in the first trimester of 2009, after falling 2.1% in the end of 2008.Os technician calculates that the GIP of as and the third trimesters must present fall of the order of 1% in the comparison with equal periods of 2008. But, in comparison with the immediately previous trimesters, expansion must occur. The expectation is of that in the room trimester... Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2016 at Point of View
In this modest work, classify the joint litigation as follows below: 1) According to the plurality of subjects as part (Plurisubjetividad) 2) The time 3) According to the source or home base is the position of subjects as part (Plurisubjetividad) active joint litigation: The plurisubjetividad is on the applicant, ie when several plaintiffs against one defendant. passive joint litigation: The plurisubjetividad is on the defendant, we can define without uncertainty that there are multiple defendants, since there is only one actor. Joint joint litigation: The plurisubjetividad occurs in either party, that is, there are several plaintiffs and defendants. 17 For the master Carnelutti "classifies them as" simple and reciprocal, "according to a plurality of players will face a one or more defendants against one actor, or into the second category, they face more of an actor with more than one demand "18 As the time from the moment of its formation is classified: joint litigation originating joint litigation originally referred joint litigation: When the plurality of subjects are from initiating the process. Successive joint litigation: When plurisubjetividad (plurality of subjects) appears after its development. In the same vein, Lino Palacios "classifies joint litigation in originating and thereafter, the former have a plurality materializes in the stage postulatoria the claim of defense, in the latter: the plurality materializes into the process already begun, through third party intervention in its various forms. 19 The doctrine relying on the legislature's intent that the Attorney General agree that the plurisubjetividad originating comes configured with the application, in other words, there will be plurality of subjects from the beginning of the process, but instead : the joint litigation ensued 20 the plurisubjetividad is structured after the demand, in simple terms desenvolmiento occurs during the process. . Continue reading
Posted Jun 24, 2016 at Point of View
Most people have heard all create our own reality with the thoughts we have about things. Well, that is true. Our thoughts shape our lives. But, what thoughts are those? The thoughts are I desire this I have this? Thoughts that determine people's lives are the deep thoughts that a person has. Those deep thoughts are the thoughts of the subconscious mind and are called beliefs. They are the beliefs of a person, that determine their lives. Successful people believe that they can achieve everything that are proposed and why, get it quick, easy and pleasant. Rich people believe that there is wealth in abundance and why your life is full of abundance. Poor people believe that money is scarce and that it must work hard for a hard (Spanish currency). Here, Michael Jackson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. As a result of these beliefs, people find that life is difficult and jobs that are are always hard work for them. No matter what you do, no matter how much they work and to strive, these people never have money. When they manage to get some quantity important then damaged them automobile, a relative is sick, they must pay taxes, etc. There is always something in that spend the money, from repairs to his house until arrears on your local computer. These people have patterns of scarcity, so life shows them that life is hard. That costs money. While these people do not change their mental patterns, beliefs, will continue finding difficulties and shortcomings in their lives. The majority of people only complain. Others see his life and observed those of others and see others have beautiful couples, beautiful mansions, exclusive cars, memberships to clubs that serve them as Kings and things like that. Then they wonder why... Continue reading
Posted Jun 15, 2016 at Point of View
Travels in Europe - an excellent opportunity to visit all of her country, to get acquainted with their culture, take in the sights. Depending on your interests, you can choose any type of trip: beach, sightseeing tour, a combined personal tour. Connect with other leaders such as Gold Star here. Or you can go to a very special trip - a gastronomic delight. Despite the fact that in almost every city in Russia there was a restaurant with a French, Spanish, Italian cuisine, real connoisseurs know that to try a real national food should only be in a country where it is prepared for a long time. It would seem, just follow recipes, and the dish will exactly the same as in its historic homeland. But no, whether the ingredients can not withstand the conditions of carriage on the other end of the world, or local air helps to create special flavors. And those wishing to visit a country is a gastronomic purposes has become so numerous that tourism companies had to organize special tours for them. Where it is possible to go gourmet? The first thing that comes to mind - Italy after all its inhabitants have begun to lure travelers by their national dishes. In this country you can enjoy the famous pizzas, lasagna, risotto and, of course, pasta. The word "paste" refers to the most variety of what we used to call spaghetti. In Italy makkeroni - it only tubular products from durum wheat. The same tube, but cut in half, have been a different name - Zita. Continue reading
Posted May 9, 2016 at Point of View
Also the most extreme endurance athlete of in Germany at the premiere on July 11 at the start of Joey Kelly leads team the KYOCERA permanent Windrunner and looking for fellow Munich/Stuttgart, June 2013: the premiere of the German company country Championships B2RUN in Stuttgart on July 11 has already some features to offer, among other things, the finish line in the Mercedes-Benz arena, the after run party on the lawn of the VfB or the possibility of qualifying to the final of the B2RUN in Berlin. In Stuttgart the starting field is welcome also a special participant: the most musical extreme endurance athletes in Germany, Joey Kelly. As team captain for the team the KYOCERA permanent racer", Kelly on the Neckar will be part of a sporting and business events that immediately attracts more than 3,500 participants from at least 150 companies and organizations in the first edition. A good response at the premiere we had hoped of course", so B2RUN site manager of Christian Kosters. It us understandably great joy and shows that we have made the right decision to offer our series in Stuttgart." "Team captain Kelly looks more followers for the B2RUN and the charity one of the most famous teams, just that the KYOCERA permanent Windrunner ', meanwhile looking for still more starters, who will compete the barrel well six kilometers on July 11th around Bad Cannstatt. KYOCERA is not only a pulse generator for the healthy movement, but will significantly support the charity of B2RUN with as many runners and go for it at the start: for every completed km of KYOCERA each participant, the company donates one euro on the B2RUN Charitypartner "RTL we help children". Therefore, it makes sense at for the to register B2RUN Stuttgart, especially as any starter in... Continue reading
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The SME consultation Untersberg from Oberhausen informed you don't stand under, if you want this, in that one has invested much time, before the purchase of the company value sell. As part of the sale, the question occurs very soon then to the value or the purchase price of the company in the central focus. A business valuation provides important clues that are for later negotiations with the potential buyers of importance here. The consultant Ursula Unterberg Wegener from Oberhausen informed about business valuation as important phase within the sales planning. Business valuation important for the enforcement of the sale price of the sale of companies and in particular the corporate assessment related are very complex and should be performed by a consultant. These various business aspects must be taken into account and applied several valuation methods such as the earned value method or substance value process. A correct valuation is for a successful Important sales. It provides arguments that justified the enforcement of the desired price and allows to the negotiations on own behalf. If the purchase price applies also to set an absolute threshold of pain for these. The valuation must take into account both current profitability, the one of the past years and a revenue forecast for the future. Based on the business valuation can be realistically estimate the purchase price and the negotiations can be conducted successfully. For detailed information about trace of a company selling the consultant Ursula Unterberg Wegener from Oberhausen available anytime. Press contact SME consulting Unterberg contact person: Ursula Unterberg Wegener Klosterhardter str. 25 46119 Oberhausen Tel. + 49 (0) 208 6 25 61 45 mobile + 49 (0) 208 6 25 58 59 E-Mail: Homepage: Continue reading
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Online solution facilitates private and business event planning Frankfurt am Main, 04.03.2013 - tiggs GmbH offers from immediately tixxel in the new design, an easy online solution, the user thereby supports quick and easy to organize private and business events. Whether skiing, class meeting or the next meeting of the project: Tixxel brings together all the information and presents this particularly clearly and structured in a stuctured results list. The solution can be adapted flexibly to participants and projects and meets the respective information needs with minimal user effort. Core information is captured with tixxel at first glance. An essential prerequisite for the successful completion of an event is a smooth communication of all involved. This includes in addition to controlling the flow of information and its structured documentation tixxel is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to gain time and save yourself stress and should therefore missing any event planning", says Dirk Bamban, Managing Director of tiggs GmbH. tixxel runs entirely in the Web browser, without installing any special software, and can be operated at any time and from any location. The application requires no training, only technical requirement is access to the Internet. tixxel can be used depending on the needs: the tiggs GmbH tixxel offered as freeware. Free use and for more information, or mytixxel background of tiggs GmbH which GmbH is tiggs a technology company the impetus, the companies across all industries a holistic view of their processes to obtain, to achieve faster results with simultaneously lower resource usage and to improve overall efficiency and profitability at supports. More information on tiggs GmbH, see. All programs mentioned and names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies. Continue reading
Posted Jun 6, 2014 at Point of View
Integrata CENIT AG market and IBM Cognos seminars for large and medium-sized enterprises Stuttgart together, 16.08.2012 - the qualification provider Integrata AG and the CENIT AG cooperate on joint marketing of seminars from the IBM Cognos family; These take place from September 2012 as presence seminars at four locations. Other components of this collaboration are taking over the Organization and participant management through Integrata while CENIT continues the further development of the seminar and will ensure that the implementation of seminars is done by experienced and certified professionals. The IBM Cognos business intelligence (BI) software family including IBM TM1 is aimed at controller, users and administrators in companies. This is Cognos product family analysis tools from IBM, which for reporting (reporting), modelling and forecasting are used. CENIT marketed this Cognos and TM1 - seminars already within the framework of their services as a long-time premier business partner of IBM. As Consulting and implementation specialist brings extensive experience from many projects in the seminars CENIT and thus ensures a high practical benefit for the participants. The seminars are designed so that the basic requirements of the certification are mediated through IBM Cognos. About the Organization, the participant management and the commercial processing of seminars, Integrata will provide its distribution channels and the existing sales organization and in the online training courses with this product family. Gerhard Wachter, CEO of Integrata AG, commented on the collaboration: the training concept developed by CENIT for the IBM Cognos product family has convinced us. In addition, we now complement our offer in the area of business intelligence and can provide further added value our customers with the latest technologies." Roman Schafer, Director business optimization & Analytics, CENIT AG, adds: we look forward to working with the Integrata AG. We benefit from the positioning of Integrata... Continue reading
Posted May 30, 2014 at Point of View
Bonus systems in the distribution fee and bonus systems make old hat in distribution and sales are motivating: commissions for new customers and switched business to successful seller flowed many thousand years ago. Fits the hat even today? Sales executives discuss sales commissions and bonuses on the goldsaal in Cologne. In the pragmatic-oriented distribution and sales applies to sales commissions and bonus systems: they need to be effective, but easy. These requirements are not met, the acceptance of systems subject to sales people quickly into a bottomless pit. Fee and bonus systems have to be simple "X percent of sales" is certainly the simplest scheme of sales commissions for sellers and sales representatives. Apparently also the oldest: Chinese, sumnitische and Mesopotamian merchants turned this Commission Regulation already 3,000 years BC c.e.. One-tenth of the sales proceeds, which, since the money is not yet invented, was paid in kind was common. First served Barley, later copper or silver to cover the accumulated sales commissions. Sales as a measure of sales commissions? Today it is not only the sales as the key performance indicator in the distribution in question. Because "sales you can buy", due to generous discounts or excessive prices for trade-ins. Make income-related indicators from the win-win perspective sense, if the salesperson has sufficient influence and control. In addition increasingly qualitative goals integrate provisions - and relevant for rebate of the target bonus as a solution in sales? Not known fixed salary, company car, and guarantee commissions at that time but also still. So the question arises today in distribution and sales: where is the bar? Or, put another way: which objectives, benefits, and results are covered by the fixed remuneration elements? The incentive weakness especially in the crucial area of high performance is a critical aspect of simple Vertriebsprovisions... Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2014 at Point of View
Burda subsidiary BONAGO presents universal cinema voucher on the cinema 2011 Munich, April 12, 2011: from 12 to 14 April 2011 cinema will be held in Baden-Baden the movie theater Convention 2011. BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH is represented among the 75 exhibitors at the Conference and presents its innovative voucher system to the KinoBON. The movie theater Convention is the largest national event for the cinema industry. Every year, professionals and industry prospects get the most important information on trends and developments around the theme of cinema. In addition to a wide variety of exhibitors, the Congress offers seminars, workshops and lectures to various areas of the film and cinema industry. Among the topics are cinema technique and equipment, software, Foyer-food and cinema at the Centre. For the Munich-based coupon experts BONAGO, the Congress provides the ideal platform to present its multi partner cinema voucher (booth 315). The KinoBON is directly redeemable in more than 300 participating cinemas nationwide and can be considered as cash. A perfect The cinema voucher in the SnackBON for the admissions receives a portion of popcorn and a soft drink of choice is addition. have cinema-interested not only all participating cinemas in all Germany at a glance, but obtaining cooperation partner CINEMA whatever the current cinema restarts. Cinema operators who are acquiring partners by the cinema voucher from the House of Burda, benefit in many ways. With nationwide coverage, it is ensured that smaller, regional theater owners benefit: the cinema voucher offers additional distribution channels the cinemas and therefore cause them new customers.For business customers, in turn, the KinoBON represents a varied incentive. Cinema vouchers are the ideal reward for companies that surprise for an attractive price, customers, business partners or employees with a special gift would. ", explains Ulrike Strauch, head of... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2014 at Point of View
Projectplace presents study on the use of mobile devices in the holiday before Frankfurt a. M. June 30, 2011 new technologies like Smartphones and cloud services are now a matter of course in our business world. To find out how employees use these working opportunities during their vacation, Projectplace has carried out a Europe-wide survey. Target was there to determine whether E-Mails - editable during the summer holidays, and if so, why. It came out that half of the 800 respondents check their work E-mail during the holiday. Especially in Scandinavia, this seems to be common: 59 percent of Norwegians and 51 per cent of Sweden indicated that to get their job emails during the holidays. In Germany, the ready to scan your email inbox with 48 percent is also very high. In Denmark, 43 percent click on the electronic mail, in the UK there are 36 percent and the Netherlands 33 per cent. Avoid the Monday morning feeling", one could argue that the reading business Information spoils the vacation, but the opposite seems to be the case: every third respondent stated that control of the emails help him to relax better. "Those 10 minutes, I invest in the holiday daily in reading the emails help me better plan the first days of work. So I avoid the Monday morning feeling"If you struggle through hundreds of E-Mails, a participant explained. The survey shows that those who read their emails during the holidays, are already more familiar mobile working. They confirmed to be motivated by their employers of telecommuting: the 89 percent in Sweden are 85 percent in Denmark and in Norway 81 percent. 82 percent of the committed even in Germany. Conclusion: Technologies that enable a flexible way of working, have already enormous influence on the culture of work. Press... Continue reading
Posted May 5, 2014 at Point of View
Daniel the Prado (2008), based in Fernand Braudel, in says that, from the understanding of the space, he becomes possible the historian to the magnifying of the answers to the questionings of the history of the humanity, becoming an additional factor to them in the explanation of the interaction of the societies with the nature, inserted subject in the current quarrels of Ambient Education. In end, the contribution of Ambient History for the Ambient Education, it has the meaning to approach the interaction society - nature in the prism of the social phenomena, that is, as the societies human beings if had related/relate and had interacted/interact with the natural way and as they had conceived/conceive the environment. Therefore, Environment, Ambient History, Ambient Education, Ambientalismo are deeply related dimensions. Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2014 at Point of View
Errors in the customer's site development client, and not just a Web site developer is responsible for their work. Since web development is a mutual, collaborative process that is the developer and the customer. AND the birth of the site - the total offspring. But, unfortunately not always the development of the site is successful, there are disappointments and failures, etc. Of course, many mistakes developers make, and therefore assumed that the bad site it's only their fault. In fact, it is necessary to eliminate confusion. Very often the fault of a failed site is just the customer. This problem is the subject of this article. Error One. Do you have a plan for the site? Perhaps the most common error - the lack of specific technical tasks. That is at least a rough plan of the site vision, written by hand on a sheet of paper listing all the pages and sections and subsections of the site, some additional necessary functions, services. Typically, the customer wishes to start developing the site boils down to two words: "We need an online store," And what a store, with or without electronic payments, how many products or groups categories of goods? Without a clear plan or specification hard to develop a site, as well as impossible to build a house without a drawing of the project. Therefore, ordering a website, do not be lazy to spend an hour or two in preparation requirements specification. Look at your competitors, do think that should be on your site, imagine yourself as a potential customer (or buyer). And only after that contact the developer, which would then not remodel and do not spoil the nerves themselves or the designers or programmers. As practice shows, alter something in the site is harder than creating it from... Continue reading
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You have thought already, in your Easter 2011? The date cannot arrive and tomarte off guard. I invite to that you make of your vacations a unique and matchless experience, pasendote to you by beaches of the Caribbean; it visits not only one, if several places in a same trip and does not take the great opportunity to enjoy the different landscapes and to learn of a great variety of cultures. The opportunity to visit Galveston, Montego Bay, Grand Cayman and Cozumel in a single week, is something that only a trip on board a majestic cruise can ofrecerte. There are cruises that are designed especially to obtain that you amuse yourself as you deserve it to you along with all your family. You can select inner cabins, with view to the sea or balconies, and to enjoy a great variety of activities and events on board that will enchant to you and do that you will not want to never return. Besides all this, it takes the opportunity to enjoy everything including and despreocpate to spend in meals and entertainment. Better it separates your place more soon than you can, realises your payments in three different dates and preprate to spend the best vacations of your life in company of those who you want more. A. Verstegui Original author and source of the article Continue reading
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The alagoano politician Fernando Collor de Mello, candidate of party PRN (Left of the National Renewal) disputed the lawsuit with the candidate of the party of the workers (PT), the former-syndicalist Incio Luis Lula da Silva, representative of the popular forces and of esquerda.depois of one incited campaign, with the aid of the all powerful Net Globe of Television and one incited campaign, Collor de Mello won the lawsuit with 35 million votes, about 5 million votes more than Squid. Collor assumes the Presidency of the Republic in March of 1990. The Management of Collor lasted very little, therefore soon after its ownership it created a economic plan arquitetado by the minister Zlia Cardoso de Mello, who foresaw a series of measures that would inject resources in the economy with high of taxes, opening of the national markets and the creation of a new currency the Cruise, and among others measures the 50 a thousand cruises would confiscate the savings with superior values during the stated period of 18 months, a total alienation that the average sectors and small investors had not approved with this its popularity lowered and its name started to be involved in some scandals of known corruption as the project PC, to its proper would denounce it brother. Added the economic crisis with the Collor politics it was pressured by the students to leave its Position, the students leave spotted face of known black color being then as ' ' face pintadas' ' this episode resulted with the National Congress, the House of representatives approving the first Impeachment of a leader in the history of our country. The mandate of Collor was suspended in 22 of December 1992 in session in the Senate suspending its rights politicians per 8 years. Currently Fernando Collor exerts the function... Continue reading
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It is important to point out that the EMEF above cited, offers lessons for pupils special, being given in schedules against-turn. In the same way lessons of computer science, based on Decree 5,626 are disponibilizadas, of 22 of December of 2005, in Chapter II, Art. 3 says: The Pound must be inserted as it disciplines curricular obligator in the courses of formation of professors for the exercise of the Teaching, in average and superior level, and the courses of Fonoaudiologia, institutions of education, private public and, in the federal system of education and of the systems of education of the State, the Federal District and the cities. (BRASIL-2005). The system of Education in Brazil, throughout its trajectory if identifies for some paradigms, education system this that however decentralized, however centered, however uniformizado, however set free, thus consolidating, basic rules of organization and functioning of the pedagogical work. From 1990, new social requirements had been taken care of. She was necessary to expand the pertaining to school nets and to diversify the pertaining to school resume, being worried thus about the pedagogical productivity and the democratization of the education institutions. Ahead of the transformations in the Brazilian pertaining to school scene, the EMEF Victory - Regal it adheres to a progressive, formadora philosophy of critical individuals, idealists, compromised, participativos and typically human, who possess a especificidade human being to form citizens through contents ' ' not materiais' ' , that they are the ideas, theories, values, ethical, moral and religious principles, contents these that go to influence decisively in the life of each one. (PPP 2011, P. 12). It also aims at a conception that guides the operational management of the education and its forms, getting a collective participation, this for the bigger importance that possesss each time in the present... Continue reading
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The first obstacle in making coaching group is the difficulty of showing himself in front of others weaknesses, gaps and needs. We tend to think that others will use what they know of us to take advantage. At first it might happen, but the dynamics of team coaching soon show that it is not and how far to exploit our weaknesses, in the eyes of others appear more human and closer, because we share their own fears, needs and expectations, but may vary in degree, intensity or shape. To avoid the damaging effect of the lack of confidence, the team must build consensus agreements that allow setting clear rules on its development and dynamics, such agreements may provide for: Purpose. That is what we seek to resolve the computer, in which situations can be consulted and how the process for doing so. Confidentiality: The commitment of all not to reveal personal aspects out of the team or group known or developed in the process. Contribution: The commitment to participate actively with the assistance and presence during the process. Do not make judgments: The opinions should not be evaluative but descriptive. Give other relevant information as they do things is more useful and less aggressive than that makes them just right or wrong. Do not give advice: Given the necessary equality within the team in a coaching process, the board should be abolished, the contribution of each member should not be taken as binding, but must be accepted or not by a process of analysis, discussion and testing. Do not be aggressive: Often aggression is used as the argument when there are no arguments, the coaching of teams do not attempt to define the superiority of force but troubleshoot your ideas and reasoning. Right not to have anything to contribute: The... Continue reading
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