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Austin, TX
Undecided on my indeterminate future... I think.
Interests: Artistic expression, music, gaming, geek-dom, sports, family
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You gotta stream it, that's only fair =) Or make a roadshow to Austin, aka "The ATX", we are naturally geeky. By the way, that image is making me antsy to fire up my old AppleII-C, still worked last time I tried!
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When I had to put down my 4-year old kitty (cancer), the vet gave me the Rainbow Bridge on scroll. I wanted to punch him. Yes, good intentions, but nonetheless, I stood there with my empty kitty carrier and my stupid Rainbow Bridge scroll wanting to punch something. The fact is, pets are family members, they are a piece of us, and losing a pet is like losing a part of yourself. Give it time and keep grieving, that is the only way to move on. Oh, and keep celebrating Ferris's life, I found that very rewarding myself. It will get easier =)
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