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Not bad. If he were not a professional footballer, but say a teacher or an engineer or an accountant, he'd be fired immediately. 8 games? Slap on the wrist in the grand scheme of things. But certainly high enough in the football world for people to take notice.
Ugh. The Champions League Final was painful to sit through on many levels. FOX's overall production values seem to be quantity over quality. ESPN is hands down the leader right now. FOX gives us a lot of games to watch (thank you) but hardly any of them are a must watch. ESPN gives us far fewer games but any time they broadcast anything soccer related, it's a must watch. ESPN - quality over quantity. I'll enjoy the 2014 World Cup via ESPN and pray that FOX gets its crap together by the next tournament. I'm just as gutted about this as Qatar winning the right to host the World Cup in 2022...
Right now, yes. Chandler is our best LB option. That is if we had a game tomorrow, Chandler will suit up there. But Klinsmann has always stated that he wants his players playing in their best position, so odds are Chandler will be playing at the right once Dolo hangs 'em up. Honestly, I'd much rather have someone who plays left back consistently for their club team to fill that position. While Boca isn't awesome at left back, he's not a liability either. Part of that has to do with him getting solid playing time there.
Does anyone know what site or software Ives is using to create these projected lineups? Thanks.
[sarcasm] Wait. Michael Bradley is still in the mix??? Thought he was there only because of his daddy... ;)
No outside midfielders. Predicting Klinsmann wants a go at 4-3-3 or some variation of a 4-2-3-1. But love that Castillo, Orazco and Torres are getting a look. But why Beckerman?
Outside of the norm: Brek Shea & Jose Torres.
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Aug 2, 2011