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Laird Popkin
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DrPizza, you say "The fact of the matter is, outside a few corner cases, SSDs for desktop storage don't provide any particularly useful performance advantage". As someone who used to sell hard drives for a living, and who has a few traditional HDs (Mac, PC, Linux server with RAID) and several SSDs (netbooks and MacBook Air) I can say that this isn't even remotely true. The large majority of what users wait for on their computer is I/O, not CPU, and that the I/O pattern for normal users is almost entirely random seeks (e.g. booting, launching apps, editing documents), for which traditional magnetic media are terrible, and SSDs are outstanding. Yes, it's nice that your OS boots in 15 seconds instead of 2 minutes, but it's far more important that your apps launch that dramatically faster, your documents open and save faster, swapping when you're running many apps is faster, etc. The result, IMO, is that you're vastly more productive during the day. And don't get me started on how much faster compiling software is on an SSD - it's like 4x faster, which really changes how you can work. I haven't seen (knock on wood) any SSD failures. I keep most important stuff backed on (ZFS RAID set on a server in the basement) but I have to confess that I'd assumed that SSDs were more reliable than magnetic drives (no moving parts). If the data supports this article's contention, I'll be a bit bummed. Perhaps I'd better buy an extended warranty on the laptop while I still can...
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May 9, 2011