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Pauli Porkka
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Wohoo! Thank you for pointing out this. I was SO happy to find a good TV show to buy (the whole season).. (Note: I started writing this reply before I actually tried to buy the episodes to season 1 from Amazon) Correction: I was so happy to be able to TRY to buy it.. Apparently I am a second or third class citizen because I live in Europe (Finland to be exact). According to Amazon I need US credit card to be able to BUY the darn content. Here we are with a apparently quite decent (well, how would I know since I cant' buy it) show available from the internet.. Except it isn't available to everyone. Looks like the US TV industry doesn't want the money they could get quite easily. Thanks anyway to Will for pointing out that there is a show like this. Maybe I'll be able to get as a Blu-Ray someday. I sure wouldn't hold my breath waiting the show to be aired on TV in here..
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Jun 15, 2012