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This is what I hope, after reading certain blogs that actually apoligize for being white, hope they are the next victims. Sorry I think they need a lesson.
I'm sure that must hurt all those rhinos and most especially John COward McCain and Huckebee who had some disparing remarks about her. Go Sarah Off topic...that bastard Al Sharpton had to make it a racial thing at Jackson's funeral. What a pos.
Actually that is hilarious. And listing Gawwwddd that's some dumb ass shit. The parasites strike again.
DAndrew. How many stones does it take for you to wipe your Arse? Who do you think you are talking to here? We are clued in about islam. But I, for one, am willing to let you show me the proof of what you are saying. Usually, all the murders aside from Islamic ones are just crazy asses and connected to nothing.Now mind you, I'm not saying Islam is not crazy ass as well, it's just that they have a handbook to follow. A book could be written for serial killers and it would be in the same genre as the Koran/Quran. In other words,Islamics carrying out the commands of Allah and the Koran are criminally insane. PS Are you familiar with mules...they do not follow either.
GunJam: I was considering whether I should correct my post and now that you bring it up, I will. I never meant to imply that I thought Barlette was on George's team. But I still stick by what I said about the self serving scum that rode his coattails to whatever end they sought and there are plenty to name. And yes I disagreed with GWB mostly in the end of his term. Where he seemed to become too Pc. STILL...GWB loves this country.And whatever mistakes he might have made, he didn't do it in his first year.In other words, he did not have the agenda the commie/muslim/anti-white/anti-american has and is sticking it to the U.S. But mainly, when a person is attacked with vile,unfair hatefulness the way GWB was attacked by liberals, I shall put all my differences with them aside and stand with them. ( Sarah.) PS: About George being rescued by Petraus. Because GWB could not and was not expected to be out there on the battle field he had to trust the generals. I don't blame GWB for the fact that not enough troops were sent into Iraq in the very beginning. There should have been no need for a surge. It should have been a overwhelming SURGE at the very beginning so whose fault was's easy for 20/20 looking back.It was easy to suggest a surge after the fact.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2009 on Don't Buy His Book! at Atlas Shrugs
HOLY CRAP! I believe all the liberal women were standing under a tree and got struck by something. Yeah...struck by ugly. Now there's somebody that ought to be a muslim covered from head to toe with a sack.
PS Little boy. If you believe anyone or anything aside from a bullet between the eyes of the mullahs would effect anything they do, it just shows how stupid you are.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2009 on Don't Buy His Book! at Atlas Shrugs
There's a special place in my heart for sub men who speak to women that way. Also, a special place in my fist. Bruce boy you are a perfect example of the shit that surrounded poor GWB.Just think what he might have done if not for people like you. In the meantime, Brucey I will help you with your book. Know what I mean?
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2009 on Don't Buy His Book! at Atlas Shrugs
you left out John Freaking McCain he has the same smell. Best friends with Kerry
Why do you think Rick Warren has such a sudden interest in Muslims? He could have had that interest many years ago. Because another minister had such an interest, and that minister was Pat Robertson. The only difference is, Pat Robertson was warning people about Muslims and Islam. He gets it. So, this leaves one thing and that is, Rick Warren is cozying up to the chief Muslim....Ozero. pure and simple.
Great post Joy GO SARAH!
Don't know what you got, til it's gone. Don't know what an American President is, til you get an anti american one. I miss you to, George.God bless you and your family. God bless Cheney, another American.
Bob...Bob...Bob...going down with the ship? Because you could dig up any drunk dope addled braindead escapee from a mental institution and they couldnt sink the U.S. any faster than Ozero. And the most pitiful of all of this are people like you. Are you really that steadfast to keep on making excuses for a total disaster? And no matter what your theory is, we GONA keep supporting Sarah. And the thing is, if there is anything left of this country by then, people might even elect GWB ....I miss him..don't you? Now F****** off you F*** head. Why should I beat around the bush?
Pamela, I hope you don't mind but I found this excellent post regarding Sarah written by a person named Jehu. It describes my own feelings: All the speculation about Sarah. I think you don’t have to speculate. She quit because she cannot run for President fighting endless lying liberal ethics charges. Also I think she is being trained right now by God…she will run in 2012, and win. She has the right spirit and mind, but was too inexperienced and had to realize the depth of the hatred and the determination of the enemy. (Something that could not be beat into George W Bush’s head with a thousand cluebats. I think she gets it. Remember how you felt about her when she first spoke at the Republican convention…something very special about Palin. Well she is that same person but is being tempered into a sword that will be used to cut these enemies of freedom down to the ground. Not very often you get someone like this, maybe once in a hundred years. Reagan was one, before him Lincoln, before him Washington, and YES I think she is on that level. It is not about being smarter than the next crazy-ass liberal, after all according to them the are always the smartest people in the room. It is about being filled with light as opposed to their darkness. One last thought, she is the instrument of their judgment and they sense this, beyond all the professional political jerkoffs in the GOP, the Left knows the instrument of their doom, that is why they hate her guts beyond anything we have seen, it is instinctive, like vampires to a Holy Water carrying priest with silver bullets, that is their reaction to Sarah Palin. Put Sarah Palin and Osama bin Laden in the room with a liberal with a gun with one bullet, guess who they would shoot?
ldwalaska The truth is something else? thinks all the shovels used to dig dirt on Sarah produced not a damm thing. The truth that you, DIVA? You know who I mean..What I said before applies. No one gives a damm what you say. Sarah's supporters will not be swayed by the bs spouted. The more you talk the more she gains. STFU and get back to your own arena.
If any of you are interested in giving this Sarah hater a dose of her own medicine, this is her emai. and her website. I have done my part.And I intend to do more. Sarah can sue this ugly b now that she is a private citizen.This ugly ass collects money to. (calling herself a diva?)
She up and quit..that's the argument against her the braindead liberals will use. Consider this..OBama ran for President while he was drawing pay as a Senator just as McCain did..and all of the rest. What Sarah did will not change the minds of those who support her. Will not change the anger toward those who photoshop her son with vile images. Nope..that shit about up and quit won't fly. And I shall defend her with my last breath and as time goes on, she will gain more support especially as this country is spinning towards hell with a liberal/commie/muslim at the wheel. GO SARAH YOU ARE AMERICA! (PS: Kenny I respect your opinion and that you are not afraid to say you are locked and loaded. I to,am locked and loaded so is Sarah)
Pamela I know Sarah would be happy to know you. All thru out important events breaking you have stayed focused on what is important. You are a lot like Sarah. And I thank you for all you do. In the meanwhile, the liberals are thrashing in their cocoons.Speculating and lying. Sarah said " This is full court press." she is not going to go away. The more they lie about her, the more support she gains.
Actually, this needed to happen.Because I have seen far too many gays stepping up to give aid to Islam. It needed to happen especially in MN. who, after all, elected a muslim.AND a clown. Be sure.It will happen soon,that these parasites will throw a rock at the wrong person and that needs to happen as well. Too late to close the borders...they are amongst us like killer bees and red ants.
Hear them moaning and screaming like vampires with the sunrays on them. Even some of fox news. Greg jarritt and Carl Cameron you know him.He's the one that can't hold his eyes open. They don't like Sarah. But Sarah makes them look in the mirror and what they see is just empty bs.liberal BS of course I bet the White man Aka John Coward McCain is teaming up now to defeat her. GO SARAH!! She's much more qualified than Ozero. the community organizer.
Reading that, the sacrifices made by worthy men/women. And all of the unknown people who gave it all for this country. It's enough to make you weep. To see the highess office in the land turned into clowntown and our constitution kicked aside while the creeps we sent to congress to ensure our constitution are making excuses and closing their eyes while Obama wreaks everything we hold dear. How many excuses and how much leaway can you give in the name of 'hoping no one calls them a bigot' This is a black man. If you say anything against his policy.(what gd policy?) it's hate. You are a redneck HOORAH FOR REDNECKS. Huffpost,KosCommies,LittleGreen Football Enuchs and their braindead little women all are guilty of trying to tear apart all efforts by conservatives, by efforts of tea parties. Better turn around you braindead fools. Your necks will be first.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2009 on Happy Birthday America! at Atlas Shrugs
One day soon. Our Generals are going to say: WE F*****ING AIN'T DOING THAT! And they will. This is not what the pilgrims came here for.This is not the end George Washington froze his feet off for. This is not why Daniel Boone died at the Alamo. And this by god ain't why all of those deaths of our military happened. And this time of split second life or death military decesions, there is no room for a gdmf CLOWN
Aussie, you are absolutely correct. Ozero is following the blueprint which has been in existance since Harvard. He can be stopped, but We need to throw out the RHINOs, that means John Coward McCain and the others who have crossed the aisle. If we don't do that, We will be primed for bloodletting in the streets such as any third world country.
Note to Obamanation: You clueless fool. You dare to talk about moral concerning GITMO? Waterboard? How about hacking off someone's head and holding it up for the camera? How about that for outrage? You stupid clueless idiot. It has started now. Even the most charmed of your cheerleaders are becoming fed up with you. It happens. Maybe you need to look for some country to take you.
Yes those women are beautiful. But as long as they adhere to the koran I am leery. Also I was wondering something. If all the women are covered up in black how would you know which one was your wife? Or does it matter? (that big one is mine)