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grace Forrest
New Mexico US
this blog is a journal recording the experience of having become a student of Jude Hill ~ Spirit Cloth
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what i was wanting to say yesterday, using the word groping and then groping Everywhere.... i am making Self wide open for this....reminding self over and over that i need to be wide open to it to be able to see that the threads, the SIGNS are everywhere. An example... Continue reading
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am so looking forward to having a wall
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your butterfly is one of the most beauty FULL i've ever seen
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yes. Very much. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee! and today, again. Signs. it's late. I am tired. But still, the EEEEEEeeeeeeee The plant person....Aztec Spinach. Brought in, a stalk of it. for breakfast, but putting the very much so wilted stalk into one of the pitchers of water. The MAGIC that happened...a pic for tomorrow
I am groping. Everywhere i can. Groping isn't really the's too clumsey, because what i am doing is not clumsey at all, but so CARE full. I am though, going everywhere, looking for threads to tie in to what i have here. Threads that give substance. we walked Carefree... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at windthread
like a StoneFeather a FeatherStone
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i ~LOVE~ where you are right now. yesterday when Alyssia and I were taking one of the Meditation Swing Chairs down from off the branch where we keep it in the Doe Forest, on it was a LARGE cacoon of an egg case, white. round. woven with some magical substance only the mother being knew, size of a golf ball. and whatever is in it moved We were startled and thought just to walk away, but i wondered if it might be at all possible to move it....we really wanted time in those hammock chairs it was so hot and Emrie was so restless and we were so restless so i got a twig and tried...and if i worked so slowly, care FULL y i could loosen it and it was finally off and the InsideOne still moved and it was re positioned on a tree trunk over top of a large piece of shed lizard skin for company these are times when we are gestating whatever kind of Best we possibly can find within ourselves and it is taking all we have for the Work.... your words here help me as i wake again to continue that search Thank you
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have not had the gold beets before. The fragrance when they are cooking..........oh, the fragrance
yes. Stir fried. This is our breakfast. Every day.
it's the Janet Chair. There are Two of Them. I stole them.
that commentlingered. and yes. Beets. Beloved Beets.
we steam them, the greens and then for me, lemon juice and butter. I fed this to Alyssia when she was Emrie's age. On the kitchen floor from a large bowl, in Michigan. Circle.
i'm not sure how to say it....things GROW! I have planted things all my life Always. But here...the planting yields SO MUCH. It's too magical and so...i watch, take note, try to understand. they were excellent, the Golden. But the Detroit Reds oh!!!!! The GREENS!!!!!
on 7~11 Beth commented Sending me to the book The Fifth Sacred Thing. Starhawk.... Saying: "i know you don't read a lot of fiction" and i followed her thread from there to a UTube Permaculture and the Sacred: A conversation with Starhawk where i came to the word i'd been... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at windthread
What if suddenly, she had language? Or, the sudden ability to understand what i am saying? What would i want to Tell her? What would i want her to hear? What CARE would i take to tell it well? Deb G, has kept mending, as she said she would.... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at windthread
Posted 6 days ago at windthread
yes. agree. and the mix is all Talking to one another. or, as my daughter and her cousin used to say, talking to theirchothers.
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am so so glad to hear this...
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love this
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