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What would happen if Beasley comes off the bench?
JeffHart, Utah will trade Boozer simply because the team it has at the moment will be forced to pay a steep luxury tax. If they were to get rid of Boozer before the season's end (before start or trade deadline) they could minimize this tax. By trading Haslem and Wright AND the $4.5M trade exception, Utah ends up saving about $5M in luxury tax. Its not about making the team better by trading an expiring contract for another, its about saving cap space like what the Grizzlies did with Pau Gasol. The deal is 5 years, $35M. Its funny to read on Lakers' blogs how they are all like "No way the Heat can offer Odom anything but the mid-level exception. I would be happy with a sign and trade involving Beasley" LOL idiots in LA
Its pretty obvious the deal has been made with Odom. It will be announced tomorrow. Why the HELL else would Riley hold a "closed session" with season ticket holders Thursday evening? Obviously the media will get a hold of this leak and he knew it would. The only way it would make sense is if the deal was going to be made tonight. If you couple that with D-wade's twitter around 930pm saying "GOOD NEWS...stay tuned," anyone with half a brain can put two and two together. It looks like we have Odom now. Odom's got that experience of coming off the bench so we can switch up or have Beasley play minutes at SF while Odom and Oneal clog the paint in some rotations. I think the starting lineup, assuming there will be no Boozer, will be this: Chalmers Wade Beasley Odom O'neal Key Reserves: Cook, Jones, Magloire OR Chalmers Wade Jones Beasley O'neal Key Reserves: Odom, Cook, Magloire It would be tough to be paying a player like Odom $8M a year and come off the bench, but he basically did that all year for LAL so I dont think his pride will be that affected because he can say F off I'm a champion.
"In his Thursday speech to season-ticket holders, Riley said the team could acquire Odom, Boozer or both and still put itself in position to be a major player in 2010 free agency. The Heat made it clear to those present that Riley's comments to season-ticket holders were in an "off the record" setting." ------- Apparently brain-dead people cant read.
Miami can offer Odom $2M less than LAL per year and it would result in the same income in Odom's pocket due to state income tax. So a deal like 5 years $40M would work for him. With Jermaine Oneal and Boozer coming off the books, Miami can sign Wade and Bosh to max deals and still keep Odom and Beasley. The plan is simply genius. We compete for a top 4 in 2009 AND the future.
Hey Dom, Look at Trevor Ariza's stats and ask the Lakers if "hustle" plays are important to win a championship. Idiot
Why is it that when the economy was bad with Bush and the unemployment rate was 5.5% everyone hated him, but when the unemployment rate is 9.5% with Obama, he gets a free pass?
Hey Rhino...Adrian Gonzalez had worse HR numbers in the minor leagues than Maybin and now has 22.
I'm buying into the building from within doctrine. Think about it: all of you idiots were bitching all last offseason about how we were going to be a lottery team and we have no talent. We ended up winning about 15 games more than projected. I see this team as 50 win potential because of JO's knees, Beasley+Charmers+Cook development, and Moon/Dorrell's athleticism. The fact that we relied a bunch on 2 rookies last year can only mean growth for those two positions. Beasley will easily put up 20/9, allowing D-Wade to focus on closing 4th Quarters. We are at worst a #5 seed and at best a #3.
To all you bratwurst lickers of Jameer Nelson and hating the selection of Wright over him: Shutup. The Heat didnt need a point guard at the time as badly as a backup small forward. Riley just traded for Shaq and they did not want to develop a rookie point guard. We already had Rafer and Damon Jones on the roster. Not to mention, Chalmers had a much better rookie season than Jameers. Nelson: games- 79 3-pt%: 31 FT%- 68 STL- 1 AST- 3 REB- 2.5 Chalmers: games-82 3pt%- 37 FT%- 77 STL- 2 AST- 5 REB- 2.8 done and done
ROAR ROAR ROAR start beasley and we will win! yap yap yap I have no brain I am still an infant with an anterior fontanelle and there is a depression there because I am malnourished and stupid.