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Just curious about one sentence, and would appreciate some clarification. "It was also interesting that one of the reasons for the dark age was a leverage collapse in 1294 so this is nothing new." WHAT "dark age?" If it's a reference to the conventional historical notion of the "Dark Ages," then that "leverage collapse" had NOTHING to do with it. The year 1294, in fact, was the tail end of the Dark Ages, especially for the Italian peninsula. (I apologize. I didn't watch the video but if someone made the comment about the collapse in 1294 being a reason for the "dark age," I don't really see any need to endure the entire piece. That's some really shabby history.) Further, there was no deportation or "disappearance" of Jews from ALL of Italy in the 1290s. (For starters, there was NO "Italy" in 1290. The Italian peninsula comprised a number of smaller states. Many of the southern Italian states, especially Naples and the Papal States, expelled Jews in several waves, but many of the northern states, especially Florence, remained open to Jews.)
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What a bunch of bitchy queens. If you assholes don't like what you see, GO MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEO AND POST THE DAMN THING. I'm more surprised that no one's complaining about some of the rather bizarre choices (Das Bloghouse? WTF? really?). I was actually surprised that the cast of "Spartacus" and Mark Wahlberg from "Date Night" didn't make the cut.
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What so many (including Lucas) forget is that Israel, that shining "beacon of democracy" in the Middle East, is currently governed by a political party that forms alliances with EXTREMIST right-wing Jewish parties (most notably Shas) which, not so very long ago, allied themselves with those very "evil" anti-gay Muslims to condemn the Israeli Pride parades. Additionally, there were no cries of outrage from anyone in Shas when that gay youth club was bombed a year or so ago. (Incidentally, how's the investigation on that going? Haven't heard of anyone being arrested or even charged with the crime.) It's so easy for the right-wing in America to condemn Islam but you rarely (if ever) hear a peep from them--even the so-called "gay conservatives"--when it comes to CHRISTIAN extremists or attacks on the LGBTQ community in CHRISTIAN countries. Where was Lucas's outrage over the Uganda "death-to-gays" bill (inspired, not so coincidentally, by AMERICAN right-wing religious zealots)? Or where are Lucas's condemnations of (mostly Jamaican) reggae artists who spew homophobic bile in their lyrics? Hell, where is Lucas's condemnation of Americans like Sally Kern and Rush Limbaugh who routinely describe gays and lesbians as less-than-human and unworthy of even the most basic legal protections? No. Lucas is so focused on his "Protect Israel" worldview that nothing else matters no matter how often he couches it in gay-rights drag. Well, Mr Lucas, I've got a challenge for you. Go to Israel. Seek to OPENLY film one of your little porn masterpieces. Not in Tel Aviv or one of other Israeli cities with a "gay-friendly" vibe, but one of the smaller towns or in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. I'm sure once you explain how your films will show the "Muslim-loving liberal gays" just how truly tolerant the Orthodox community is of gays that they'll welcome you with open arms. Well, either that or stone you (as THEIR religious texts demand).
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@Phillip AK: For someone who complains about people being "stuck on labels," you certainly went out of your way to assign a label to which some people might object. I do NOT consider myself a "child of God"--not now, not really even when I was going to church. I'm sure there are plenty of agnostics and atheists in the overall (fill-in-the-blank) community who would find your description of them to be patronizing (as so many Christians seem to be when their fellow Christians aren't demonizing us). Now, if you'd simply put it in terms that didn't invoke some mythical deity created in the Bronze Age (such as "human beings"), I could've agreed with you. But, no, you chose to use a "label" that is unnecessarily divisive--perhaps even moreso than the one that the author spent so much time deriding.
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