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Brad, could you speak to someone, anybody in Italy? Alesina is the go-to Economist for the economic editorialist in the Italian newspaper of record, Il Corriere della Sera. He co-signs editorials with him and is regularly cited as expert, since years, and no change is in view. So David, not only students have to suffer his influence, it is much worse than that.
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"The cylinder head, produced via the Lost Mould Process (PMP)" Shouldn't it be Lost Foam Process? "Procès à Modèle Perdu"
THe statistics above are for "cars" and do not include utility vehicles; the official statistics for the latter are not displaying an EV category. The numbers of the Kangoo ZE are therefore not included in the statistics of the article, and they allegedly dwarf the others car sales. Another interesting question: what did happen to the Fluence ZE. I found the following statistics for 2011: "768 Kangoo ZE et 396 Fluence ZE en novembre et en décembre"
Scott, buses can come with GTL, special particle Filters, Hybrid, electric, in more and better way than private cars. That's the case where I live (Europe). Buses only reeks from sooth when you from times to times still meet an old bus taken of retirement for some reason (tramway repair, work on the suburban train tracks...). You immediately notice how bad it was before. With the emerging health data about sooth particles, I am ready to bet it is demonstrable that the investment in clean buses would be very quickly returned. You just need to agree to invest more in mass transit day to day budget.
As I read it in the business Press, LiIon Batteries for sure. But for cars? Johnson Controls yes, they got the JV remnants, but Saft not so sure. The divorce was caused by both seeing a bigger market in stationary applications. Saft was the first there on his own, and did not want to allow the JV to go there. But Johnson wanted to go where the money appear to be. Now they can.
Danny, Samussas, Alon, late to the discussion, but my two cents. Geography is also borders and languages. One explication for the difficulties of rail freight in Europe I read was the minimal distance for being competitive with trucks, start to finish including loading/unloading at the origin and final destination. I don't remember exactly what the number was, but let's say 800km will do. In Europe, how many borders do you have to cross and language do you have to speak on a average 800km travel? What is a border nowadays, you will ask? Check how many rail crossing there is over the Rhine, on the French-German border. Compare with the freight traffic between the two countries, and try to see the highest share of that traffic you could physically fit on the rail bridges there. And I believe the psychological borders in the brains of German and French Railways are even worst. Rail is the most penalized; tracks and line were defined and layed at a time where military did NOT TOLERATE easily border crossing facilities, it could have helped the ennmey in case of war. And now check how much of the freight volume market increase in the time frame you discuss is made of goods crossing border in the EU.
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to PeterXX: BMW introduced it 3 years ago, and Citroen at least more than 6 years ago. From GCC: "30 March 2006 A reversible starter/alternator handles the start and stop function. Citroën has announced the UK launch of a new C2 Stop & Start model.... The Stop & Start technology, first introduced on the C3 in 2004, switches the engine off when the car is at standstill, offering up to a 15% reduction in fuel consumption in heavy traffic, according to Citroën. " So, there are quite enough datas at least in Europe about the durability and maintenance costs. System sold by Valeo and others are now in the millions. Granted, mostly for 4 cylinders, maybe it is costlier for the V6 and V8 on American trucks, but where is the can-do mentality?
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Jan 3, 2011