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Looking at the enlarged version of the picture Mr. Grenham cites at (, although it is not a high resolution image, I can clearly see something carved between the "2" and "9" on the marker. The fact that the transcriber has put the word "(sic)" after the transcription indicates that the transcriber is putting down exactly what it says rather than what it is supposed to say... which may mean that the transcriber used "sic" incorrectly or there is something we cannot see from the picture, or the transcriber expects us to note an anomaly. The stone carver may have carved the inscription incorrectly the first time and either the "1" or "9" was a correction (which is a possibility, but why they chose to carve next to rather than over the original is a mystery.) Having transcribed thousands of graves, I can say from experience that occasionally you come across one that just can't be correct as carved, and you make a judgement call to transcribe it. Maybe that is what is being done here. Errors on stones were not that common in years past, (or at least we can't prove them to be,) but having seen hundreds of stones cut in recent times, the number of carved err's are certainly more than "human." Regardless, since the Historic Graves pictures shows there is something carved between the "2" and "9" and the close-up picture from the Irish Times shows it to be a "1", I am not sure what Mr. Grenham has "proved." A grave marker is reasonable proof of a person's birth and death in genealogy UNLESS there is some reason to think it might not be accurate. That is certainly the case here. Someone find a census or birth record or church record or something that is real proof and we can stop arguing over what appears to be carved in stone.
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