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Andre Powell Sr.
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If Jake Long walks, Ireland should walk out with him. He's part of the mistake of drafting him instead of Ryan. don't stockpile valuable picks and then have to use one to replace a Pro-Bowl player already on the roster. Pay the man!!! Lock up Hartline and let Sean Smith walk. He's been tweeting his displeasure anyways.
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We already have a Matt Flynn on the roster. His name is Pat Devlin! Let Moore go in as starter, move up to draft Justin Blackmon or move down to draft Tannehill and move on from Peyton Pipe dreams. It's a total philosophy change so why slow progress by putting a bandaid on the may not work in the first place. Putting was let go for a reason. I don't believe Ross wants star power, He wants the team to have superstar appeal and that comes with generating excitement on the field - whoever takes the field.
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How can a Quarterback drafted in the 7th round be considered a franchise quarterback, by only starting two games? Even Tom Brady had time to develop. If they are willing to spend that type of money on a 7th rounder, they might as well invest some time in Matt Moore. I say pursue RGIII or draft the next best after him and develop them, if they don't pan out draft one of the big three next year. Read more here:
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Jan 27, 2012