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I so disagree! >>Wouldn't it be many times faster to click the toolbar icon with your mouse, or press the keyboard command equivalent, to sum the column -- rather than methodically and tediously saying the words "sum this column" out loud? You are trying to eat soup with a fork! If you could say "Can you please sum column D15 and place the results after the last populated cell, and could you also save the worksheet for me after that" - Then YES, it would be faster than clicking (especially for non-IT folks). Of if you are filling up a classic user profile page and could simply blurt out your address without having to carefully break it up into Street/Zip/Country, it would be delightful! Of course, if you are going to have to say, Postcode IS xxx, Country IS xxx, then NO, that is TEDIOUS as you point out. When voice recognition software and hardware mature and allow us to speak as fluently as we do in day to day life, THEN voice recognition(and not control) will definitely be more effective than the lower tech alternatives Because we do not know how to MAKE IT, does not mean we do not know how to USE IT.
Great video and animation! Creativity and Aptitude are two very unique ideas, and while money couldn't make you any more or less creative, it can certainly tempt you to work harder or faster on your aptitude. If you observe the Q&A on StackOverflow, most answers require extensive knowledge or aptitude and very few require a "creative" solution. Do software developers really need to be creative? Unless you are an entrepreneur or a startup, I really fail to see the creative angle. Or maybe my idea of creativity is very limited! @Leszek Tarkowski, I really like that para on Nietzsche. Human psychology hasn't changed, and probably never will :)
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Jun 9, 2010