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Heh. I've read THC and Cuckoo's Egg. I'll have to track down Cyberpunk. The sysadm at college lent me a copy of the Cuckoo's Egg. He had the right attitude towards the students. He knew a certain percentage of us were going to keep banging away at the VAXen just to see what we could and couldn't do. His typical approach was to challenge us. He'd add some new security or a new system and then take the first student to break it out for a steak dinner. The other sysadm who was afraid and angry at the students for exploring the technology was well hated. Hey Bob, your system password was "Vikings" for deity's sake.
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2009 on Books I Love: The Hacker Crackdown at WWdN: In Exile
1 reply day. Wake up. Remember to buy the audiobook. Been sick since Thursday but this morning I'm starting to feel better. The fever is breaking and I'm in one of those horrible/awesome fever dream semi-conscious states when I start listening. I fade in and out. Bizarre dreams which feel like hours but I find are only a few minutes when I wake up and glance at the computer. Listen for a while then back to dreams of gaming, music, gone but not-forgotten pets, and general geekdom. It's evening now. I'm actually feeling well and about to start listening properly. I'll have to take breaks to check my ebay auctions. I've already won 1st ed. AD&D DMG, Monster Manual, and Unearthed Arcana. PHB and Fiend Folio end soon. I'm sure I'll get outbid on Deities and Demigods (with Cthulhu mythos), but ah well. I had no plans on tracking these down before my audiobook/fever induced dementia, but I'm glad I have. Thanks Wil.
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Nice list. I'd add: Slick Nick, You Devil You - Fishbone
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