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Lover of opera, reader of Poirot, consumer of burgers, travelling the world with a tenor.
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Ha, I was just tweeting about this last night. So far I've walked past the t-shirt stand three times and resisted but I'm sure I'll break down eventually. There's also a "Götterdämmitslong" t-shirt this year, and you can get Fasolt & Fafner branded tape measures too. Not to mention a huge amount of sword, mermaid and dragon merchandise, and even wooden walking staffs for that Wanderer look. Definitely the best opera house gift shop I've ever visited.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2013 on We'll Ring You at Intermezzo
I have it on excellent authority that it's being filmed (perhaps already has been?) during this run.
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Mar 15, 2010
Me and my shadows, strolling down the avenue...
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on Optimism at Thomasina’s last waltz
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The fact that you're posting again renews my optimism, at any rate.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2010 on Optimism at Thomasina’s last waltz
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It's got to be a coincidence. Surely you're not allowed to write for the Telegraph if you know how to use decimated correctly.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2009 on It's a miracle at Thomasina’s last waltz
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OA seems determined to turn every ensemble singer into a jack of all trades and to allow nobody to specialise. Taryn started in early music but in the three seasons I've been here has sung Janacek, Dvorak, Puccini, Rossini and most recently Loewe, with Sullivan to come (and she was originally cast for A Little Night Music too). Henry Choo is forever in Handel and Rossini but sounded far better in The Pilgrim's Progress (as did Kanen Breen, I thought, though he's certainly good for quirky dramatics). And so on. Of course - and on a wholly biased note - I consider La Kenny now entitled to sing whatever repertoire she likes, however wildly inappropriate for her (not that Dido falls into that category). I heard her in Giordano's Fedora, for heaven's sake. No use being a grande dame if you can't do you as you please.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2009 on Hard by a fountain at Thomasina’s last waltz
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All advance publicity for this show implied Dido first, Acis second, so I suspect the programmer in you is right. But Acis first, Dido second makes better sense to me, so if they did change it, then I'm glad. (A colleague suggested they may have wanted to avoid having audiences leave after seeing the Big Star in Dido.)
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2009 on Escalators at Thomasina’s last waltz
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