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I live in Hong Kong. I don't have the chance to travel to Beijing and watch the game in person. So I can only pay attention to the Chinese media and look for game info, recap etc. I will leave you a note if I discover some more news. And thank you for posting frequently during lockout!
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Two other Chinese links for you... Abstract: Pierce played poorly in the first game of this tournament, only 9 points 5 boards. 19 min, 2 of 8 fg, 4 of 7 ft. His highlight is a fastbreak dunk in the first quarter. Otherwise his play was not good. Beasley got 15 points. Abstract: Pierce and Beasley did not play in the second game due to sickness. The Bisons won 67-63 against a Chinese Basketball Team (Xin Jiang Flying Tigers, there's a former Chinese NBA player on the team, Mengke Bateer). At halftime Pierce and Beasley greeted the fans in Chinese language. With the victory, the Bisons got the 2nd place in this tournament held in Shuanyashan. The Bisons and the Taipans can play in the Finals in Beijing on 28th Aug.
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Aug 26, 2011