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Taking this a little further: if your colo bill is ~$500/mo, then add $3k/server * 4... That brings the 3 year cost of building your own to.... $30k. Exactly what Amazon charges, strangely enough. And that's assuming none of your hardware breaks. And not factoring in the cost of build time, tweaking, shipping to colo, installing OS's and configuring, and everything else you have to do when you build your own. I'd call that pretty much break even on the cloud hosting, assuming you consider the two builds equivalent. If not, what would you consider equivalent? Hardly "prohibitively expensive".
The main problem with your estimate is that you're using 100% utilized instances, but billing them as On-Demand. Granted, that's how Amazon sets up the sample, but that's not what you'd do in practice. You'd use reserved instances, not on-demand, which are a good deal cheaper even taking into account the reservation fee. When I switch the 6 servers to reserved instances, the bill comes down to $825/mo. That brings the calculation to $30k for 6 servers for 3 years, almost half less than your estimate...
Yea, I understand -- I was just pointing out that I cared enough about Drive to go through all that effort. Normally I'd just give up after a couple of trys and move on to something else. I can host at my place, if people want to make the trek up to Point of Rocks... I'm at the MD/VA border on 15 -- halfway between Frederick and Leesburg.
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2007 on Drive Cancelled. at Adventures in Troubleshooting
This just pisses me off. Whenever Fox comes out with an innovative show that looks like it could be interesting, they cancel it after a few episodes. I start watching, get all intrigued, and then boom. First The Inside, now this. Arrgh. Just to show how worked up this got me... to comment on this post I had to figure out why commenting wasn't working (I was trying from work and they must have blocked it), sign up for a typekey account, and install Firefox because commenting seems not to work in IE7. Damn... this sucks. On a different note... you still doing those blogger poker nights?
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2007 on Drive Cancelled. at Adventures in Troubleshooting