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I mock soaps out of love. And hate. But mostly love.
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Today on General Hospital, a character that we barely know (and whose new/real name I cannot make myself remember--when his mother(s) were going on about James, I felt completely disoriented. I am going to have to put a Post-It on my TV saying James = Nathan...and I'd probably need another one underneath saying Nathan = Nina Cop) found out from his mother, who we know even less (her biggest claim to fame is being the mother and accidental murderer of Nina, who we don't know AT ALL because she exists/existed entirely off screen and in the conversations of other people and yet gets mentioned more than actual contract characters and I am weirdly and obsessively bitter about this), that she's not actually his mother but his aunt (and that Dr. Obrecht is his mother because OF COURSE SHE IS. It is random and it makes no sense and it's not particularly interesting, nor does it set up any storylines, but Dr. Obrecht is both comic relief and a convenient villain, so naturally the show is going to revolve around her, right?). Madeline--Yes, I Needed To Turn Closed Caption On To Remember: My last name is not West. It's Westbourne. Nathan... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Serial Drama
If someone were to ask me to recap today's General Hospital (this would be highly unusual, because most people do not watch General Hospital, but there is always the chance that someone watched and became so bored from these 44 minutes of dullness that they fell while standing and when they came to, they had--were blessed with?--amnesia and wanted to know what they had missed out on), I honestly don't know what I'd even say. "People talked. In a few different places. About know, things that are happening and things that already happened. Some people even had feelings about these things. Not Silas, though--judging from his tone of voice, he literally feels no emotion. He could be a robot. Does Sam have a weakness for men who are part cyborg? Did she see Robocop in her formative years? Or did she see the remake? I haven't seen either, so I am sort of ill-equipped to be using it as a joke here especially since, the more I think about it, the less likely it is that she'd have a childhood crush on any sort of crime-fighter. I should have gone with a tried and true Small Wonder reference. Can... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2014 at Serial Drama
I was traipsing through the Serial Drama archives looking for a particularly unsettling screencap of the Quartermaine crypt (which I found--I should warn you, these images are not safe for your blood pressure) and I stumbled upon my reaction--a rageful and very, very long reaction--to finding out that Diego was the Text Message Killer and aside from the reference to Maxie's unfortunate experimentation with babushkas, which clearly dates it as an early 2008 piece, it's something I could have written today. About yet another shitty story featuring someone who died multiple times. "We all know that the GH powers-that-be exert effort as often as they give screentime to Jacklyn Zeman. After all, WHY write for a dozen characters when you can just have the same four people have the same conversation every day? And WHY write stories about women being strong and independent when you can just use scripts from the 1950s and have women on your show solely to be victims or incubators? And WHY dress your cast in clothes that seem like they could be sold in actual stores when you can instead borrow hats from kindly grandmothers? ...the GH powers-that-be DO sometimes work hard to do something... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2014 at Serial Drama
You probably came here expecting a rant on AJ's death*, and Sonny's involvement in it*** and my thoughts on how wasteful it was to bring AJ back from the dead at all**** if they were going to just kill him off*****. But that is not going to happen tonight, because I have moved on from the anger****** phase of grief to the bargaining one. Because really: if this could be a fakeout--a cheap fakeout, sure. And a temporary fix to audience heartache, because Sean Kanan is leaving either way, so dead or alive, it's not like AJ is going to be gracing our televisions with his presence*******--I would be so happy. I'd be thrilled. I'd be so happy and so thrilled that I'd be willing to swallow any sort of explanation for why he's not actually dead. Any sort. Guys, I'd even be willing to accept him waking up--from the dead--at the sound of Kiki's voice. Like, if they went ahead and made Kiki legitimately magical, I'd be like "This is totally a fair trade. Now she's REALLY magic instead of merely METAPHORICALLY magic." I'd watch the scenes of Michael and Monica fawning over her without fast forwarding. If that's... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2014 at Serial Drama
As hard as the General Hospital commercial narrator tries to convince me that every episode is going to be one that I won't want to miss because it will change Port Charles forever by incorporating twists I never saw coming, I usually don't believe him. This is partly because being a jaded know-it-all is kind of my thing (it's a mostly unintentional thing. I just have facial features that meld together into boredom and disinterest) and mostly because nothing in Port Charles ever changes and many episodes are actually must-misses. My best friend is a much more reliable barometer: she'll text me things like "This show is awful" or "Kiki makes me want to go deaf", but today's "GH was REALLY good today" had me intrigued/nervous that she had hit her head. She was right: it was like one long trainwreck, in the best possible way. Tracy: What's going on? Ric: All hell just broke loose. Um, to put it mildly! I sincerely hope that the entire cast had throat lozenges handy. And I'm not entirely sure that Kelly Thiebaud will ever get the smeared mascara off of her face. All of the characters involved were acting demented and their... Continue reading
Posted Mar 25, 2014 at Serial Drama
Last week, my computer abruptly died (right when I was in the middle of a long overdue post about General Hospital that, in the interest of full disclosure, was not a very interesting one and was mostly a list of things that had bored me about that day's episode, which I think was basically everything about it except for my mild curiosity about what Luke's deal is) and after I had a mini-meltdown ("I have so many FILES on there! I have so many PICTURES on there! I have so many PERFECT GIFS TO USE IN RESPONSE TO PEOPLE SAYING SASSY THINGS TO ME on there!" (Have hilarious television .gifs ruined the art of in-person discussion for anyone else? I answered someone's "What did you do this weekend?" question with a long discussion of a book I just finished and a rambling recap of my quest to find the perfect turquoise ottoman at Homegoods, and I wish I could have punctuated it with Stuart Smalley's "I am fun to be with" but alas), I asked my father if he could take a look at it, because he is a fixer of many things. And he did take a look at... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2014 at Serial Drama
Well, there is at least one person who is going to be completely fine with Robin Scorpio's exit storyline, regardless of how rushed and poorly placed and absolutely implausible (I could keep listing negative aspects of this storyline. There are only, like, three dozen to choose from. It's basically a perfect storm of Not Good things. But for brevity's sake, I will just say "Leaving Emma?" and glance at you over the top of my glasses--or I would do that if I wore glasses. I feel like I'd do it a lot because it's melodramatic and bitchy, which is right up my alley. Curse my stellar vision) it is--because if anybody needs Jason Morgan back in his life, it's Sonny, and if it means Robin has to leave her family mere minutes after reuniting with them so she can haul ass to Scarsdale (we're neighbors, Robin! I...meant for that to read way less crazily than it does. Still, 914 represent!) to free Jason from the slab of ice he is living in and resuscitate him so that he can kill again, GOD DAMN IT, ROBIN, LEAVE FASTER! Because this is the face of a man who needs Jason. The blank-eyed... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2014 at Serial Drama
"Reunited and it feels so momentarily okay" just doesn't have the same ring to it... I am still about a week behind on General Hospital, because I spent two weeks hopelessly devoted to the Olympics at the expense of all other television, reading and conversation (I'm still so sad that it's over! I've been trying to dull the pain by following the charming and amazing Jason Brown on Instagram and making sure not to fast forward through the Nyquil commercials featuring Winter Olympian Ted Ligety (TM) but it's not working. Sad Town, Population Me!), but I HAD to watch the past two episodes because RIC! RIC! RIC! Ric Lansing is back in Port Charles and for the moment, I am loving it. Even though I know with absolute certainty that it's going to go really wrong really quickly--because it always does, right? The writing for Ric has been consistently terrible over the years, usually featuring long periods of time idling on the backburner, followed by long periods of time being dastardly and villainous (neither of which I have a problem with in theory, but it's the cartoon levels of villainy that make me roll my eyes). Both periods of time... Continue reading
Posted Feb 25, 2014 at Serial Drama
Dear readers, I have drafted so many posts in the past few days that I have not published. Mostly because calling them "posts" is an almost ludicrous overstatement. They are mostly things like "Is Sonny for real when he" and "Ugh, Felix, just enough": half sentences written while I trailed off, distracted by the Olympics*. As you know, this mania overtakes me every two years: I breathe the Olympics. I dream about them. I cry at the emotionally manipulative profiles NBC airs. I contemplate eating Chobani yogurt for the duration of the Olympics because Zach Parise is in their commercials, even though Chobani is my least favorite of the Greek yogurts. I rewatch ice skating performances. I can turn an innocent "How has your morning been?" into an exhaustive recap of the curling match I was watching before work (Curling is awesome, shut all of your faces). In most cases when I sit down to write "Wasn't Sonny so terrible when he [Insert terrible Sonny action of your choice here. Like "spoke"]", I can write an exhaustive list of terrible things Sonny did in the episode in question, but during the Olympics, it's more like "Wasn't Sonny so terrible and... Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2014 at Serial Drama
Today, Robin told Victor that she'd go along with his BANANAS plan to bring Helena and Stavros back from the dead so that they could go back to evil-doing and murder, since it would also mean that she could bring Jason back from the dead so that he could go back to blank-staring, murder. She is going to go along with this INSANE AND CONTRIVED EXIT STORYLINE even though she was JUST released from her years long captivity and only JUST reunited with her husband and her daughter, both of whom I've been led to believe she feels some sort of lingering positivity for--some may even call it "love". She is going to LEAVE FOR PARTS UNKNOWN AND ALSO FILLED WITH INSANE MASTERMINDS almost immediately after her daughter got her back in her life, because that won't lead to any sort of abandonment issues or behavioral problems. This UNDERWRITTEN AND BIZARRE story, which makes her look CALLOUS AND ALSO DOWN WITH MURDER AND CRAZIES, is happening because it's almost unspeakably sad that Danny is growing up without his father. TJ: [Growing up without a father] never gets any easier. You always wonder what if? If he were still alive,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 10, 2014 at Serial Drama
After Dante sighed in annoyance, no doubt thinking of the mountain of paperwork he'd need to fill out about this useless moron, and shot Franco on Monday's General Hospital, I suddenly found myself in the midst of a pretty substantial existential crisis: do I keep watching or do I end my GH-watching career on a high note, knowing that if I never watched another episode, I could live in a blissful fantasy world and pretend that Franco actually died. Most of me realized that it would be patently absurd to do that (I have Serial Drama to think about and my Soap Opera Digest column and a weird sense of pride. "Really, GH? This is all you've got? Do you know how much worse I've sat through? I blogged the Text Message Killer, mofo. Your weird obsessive love for Franco is like amateur hour. I'll be there tomorrow at 2 or whenever I get around to watching it on DVR with bells on. With bells on") (General Hospital, please note that while it reads as such, it is not actually a dare to attempt to top yourself) but a small, insane part of me smiled at the thought of imagining... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2014 at Serial Drama
I always get SO excited when I can watch General Hospital LIVE. I have no idea why this is. You wouldn't think I'd be so delighted about something that prohibits me from fast-forwarding, but it was one of the very first things I celebrated this morning when I saw that we had gotten more snow ("OH! I can have another cup of coffee! OH! I don't need to blow my hair out. OH! Leggings! OH! General Hospital LIVE!"). I can only imagine that it's a psychological thing and it gives me warm and fuzzy memories of being home from school and being able to watch GH without going through the hassle of recording on a--yeah, that's right: VHS tape (Remember how long it would take to decide which tape to tape over when you ran out of blank, um, tapes? It was such an ordeal!). I even remembered that GH has been on at 2PM for well over a year, which up until this point I have been completely unable to comprehend. Everything's coming up Mallory, basically! So: It's a snow day. I'm excited. Let's all make hot chocolate and recap GH together, shall we? And we'll ignore the elephant... Continue reading
Posted Feb 3, 2014 at Serial Drama
Everybody in Port Charles is VERY ANGRY about MANY THINGS. And I understand--I, too, am incredibly upset about many/most of the things happening on General Hospital right now. I just wish they all weren't so LOUD about it because I have actually found myself smothering the urge to shush my television, which is problematic for several reasons (the first being that it is crazy and the second being that I'd be living down to stereotypes. Dear readers, I spend my days as a librarian, which I think I may have mentioned before, but in case I didn't, it's the truth. And aside from a love of reading and a fondness/obsession with cardigans, I don't think I'm stereotypical at all. I don't believe in quiet and I don't even wear glasses, so!) and made me want to take an aspirin and put on a cold compress as soon as I finished today's episode. SO MANY YELLS. Let's recap, shall we? SONNY: WHY?! MORGAN: I'm sorry. SONNY: LIES! MORGAN: Dad, please! SONNY: MAX! MORGAN: I said I was sorry! SONNY: SHOT! MORGAN: I messed up. SONNY: SPIES! MORGAN: I had do! SONNY: BETRAYAL! MORGAN: HE THREATENED OUR FAMILY! SONNY: LOUD NOISES! SAM:... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2014 at Serial Drama
I...have questions. I have a lot of questions, actually, but I am so cold (so cold. SO COLD!) right now that all I want to do is hold my herbal tea in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other and wrap myself in five layers of fleece blankets, so I don't want to take the time to type them all or offer my own theories for the answers (most of the answers come down to "Crazy Mallory, are you really asking this? BECAUSE OF CONTRIVANCE AND/OR BAD TASTE, WHICHEVER IS MOST APPLICABLE") because I'm worried about losing my extremities to frostbite. So these are just quickies. Imagine me typing them with a VERY quizzical expression. Dr. Obrecht is a villainous character for many reasons including, but not limited to, attempted murder, kidnapping, paternity and maternity shenanigans, imprisonment, identity theft using weirdly realistic and high tech face masks. She also has zero business being employed as the Chief of Staff of a hospital, even a hospital as troubled as this one. She really has zero business being employed, actually, on account of all of the aforementioned crimes. But I cannot dislike her for having high standards for her... Continue reading
Posted Jan 23, 2014 at Serial Drama
Is there a word for the feeling of being disappointed and irritated by something, but certainly not surprised by it and also not even really angry because you know in your heart of hearts that it's only going to get much worse from here and it's much better for you to pace yourself on your long and strenuous marathon of disdain and not jump to seething rage immediately? I bet the Germans have a word for it. Whatever the term is (pre-rage apathy? The eyeroll before the rage? Watch this space for a pithy, and maybe even punny, zing that we will all try to make happen), that's where I am at with General Hospital today. So much of what went on today pushed all of the wrong buttons, the buttons that would normally make me shriek in a way that only dogs could hear: Carly is still being held captive by Heather (who could really use some pointers on kidnapping, because Carly is barely even tied up. Like, her feet aren't bound, are they? She could literally just get up and walk away to look for help and if one of Heather's goons caught her--because of course Heather has... Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2014 at Serial Drama
"Thank you, Sonny. THANK you." As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I recoiled and suppressed the urge to scream a scary movie scream. It was a real life "The call is coming from inside the house" moment except it was somehow more terrifying. I wish I was dealing with a crazed killer at this point. That would be a walk in the park! But no, instead I'm dealing with the disruption (destruction?!) of my entire worldview. We all know how I feel about Sonny; I...don't care for him, to an extreme and possibly semi-obsessive degree. But today? Today I didn't just tolerate him. I didn't just agree with him. I ENJOYED HIM. What is my life?! Up is down and left is right and what, will I turn on the ESPN 30 For 30 on Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan tonight and think "No, this isn't for me" and will I root for the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, reasoning that "You know, Pete Carroll seems like a really great guy"? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THIS NEW REALITY AND IT HORRIFIES ME. Sonny: Is it that hard to believe that Carly would leave you? Franco: Yes, you... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2014 at Serial Drama
As I'm sure you can imagine, I was all set to whine, loudly and longly, about the ENDLESS scenes showing a captive Carly (complete with the world's laziest gag) at Heather's mercy while Heather screeched and screamed and flared her nostrils and threatened repeatedly to kill Carly. It's a trifecta of bad, you know? There is so much over-the-top shtick (I'm not saying Robin Mattson isn't good at what she does, but I'm not not saying that she'd be enjoyable if she dialed it down ten notches. Or, better yet, was written off the show and brought back a year or two from now). All of these scenes are just dramatically deficient: does anyone actually think Carly is going to die? I know many/most of you are fervently HOPING that she will and have probably pitched your remotes at your TVs because she hasn't yet, but she's basically immortal--I'm sort of convinced that she's an actual demon and the reveal will come the next time the show goes to the supernatural camp realm--and come on, would the show really deprive Franco of his happily ever after with his one true love? No, they wouldn't (oh my god, how sad is... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2014 at Serial Drama
I'm not going to even bother asking if Carly is for real because, regrettably, this Carly IS for real. All of her giddiness and schoolgirl twittering and doe-eyed smiling every time she hears Franco's name ("Wow, that Franco is just a human disaster, isn't he?" "The handsomest human disaster to ever exist!"). That's who Carly is now and it breaks my heart. Do you know what I'd give to watch Carly stomp around town screaming at everybody until her voice goes hoarse and plotting convoluted schemes to get revenge on people for their real and perceived misdeeds? Sure, she sort of got into it with Ava today, but I worry that it was less about being protective of her child (she referred to Morgan as Kiki's sloppy seconds, which was just so, so gross. Both because that's just a yucky thing to say about your son and also because Kiki is still a character on this show that we are forced to discuss) and more about jealousy that Ava's also done the deed with Franco, her one true love. Because she loves him, you guys. She love, love, loves him! Carly, to Michael, who just heard the revolting news that... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2014 at Serial Drama
Well, one-liners is sort of false advertising because when have I ever been able to convey a simple thought in anything less than a six paragraph essay? It's one of my worst habits (along with gloating, listening to the same song on repeat endlessly--like, for weeks if not months. This would be the defense offered in a trial for my murder and the defendant would be acquitted within mere moments) and the reason I can't tweet: do you know how little I say in 140 characters? Do you see how long a paragraph intending to say "Apologies, but this is going to be another quickie" turned into babble? So many of my English professors tried to break me of my love affair with fluff but they failed and here we are. Or here we were, before you got bored and started scrolling for the General Hospital relevant portion of my mind-wandering. Speaking of GH, things happened today. Were they good or bad? The jury is still out. If today was any indication, I will spent the rest of 2014 raising a quizzical eyebrow at my television and pursing my lips in distaste. *Please let Lulu's New Year's Resolution involve some... Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2014 at Serial Drama
Watching soap operas for--oh, god, the rest of this sentence is both tragic and old-sounding--over half my life--really tragic and REALLY old-sounding--has made me sadly accustomed to the more ridiculous daytime television tropes, like comical reaction shots leading into a commercial and doppelgangers running amok and so on and so forth, so it's not like I'm SURPRISED by the amount of times characters boldly and seriously proclaimed "There's something I need to tell you" (or some variation of those words) to a bewildered character who never gets to hear what the first character has to tell them because they are interrupted by someone, or some thing or a commercial break. I'm just ANNOYED by it--really, show? You think there's a chance any of us would believe Britt would spill the beans to Dante so soon? I know her defenses were probably down because of how adorable and sweet Dante was with Ben, but really, don't insult my intelligence like that! And Silas, too? Silas has a deep dark secret that he wants to confess to Sam, but probably won't because he'll keep getting interrupted by angry Quartermaines (according to Sam, the whole lot of them are filled with simmering rage,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2013 at Serial Drama
Sometimes ("sometimes"? Who am I kidding? As you can clearly tell by the number of entries in the Serial Drama archives tagged General Hospital, it's more like often/always), all I can do is wrinkle my nose and say "...that wasn't for me" after an episode of GH--okay, that is an extremely sanitized version of my reaction to this show. This is possibly the most lie-filled paragraph of all time. So I will just cut to the chase and say that today's episode of General Hospital contained so many delightful moments that it was almost like Ron Carlivati was writing specifically for me. Which I doubt he was, because the world doesn't actually, revolve around me, but I will give myself the Christmas gift of delusion and just roll with it. I loved...the irritation written all over Silas's face when a nurse cockblocked him with the annoyance of "work". Sam: I can't wait to get home, put on some Christmas carols, curl up on the couch next to the fire...get in some comfy clothes. Silas, all sexy-like: You need anyone to come over and stoke your fire? NURSE: Dr. Clay? SILAS: Off the clock. NURSE: I have a patient-- SILAS: OFF.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 23, 2013 at Serial Drama
Are you sitting down? Sit down. This is some seriously shocking news and I'd hate for you to read it, gasp and then fall over dramatically and possibly seriously hurt yourself. Okay. Brace yourself for a BOMBSHELL. ...ready? Today on General Hospital, it was revealed that Britt's Ben is actually Dante and Lulu's baby. Dr. Obrecht, fierce even in a prison jumpsuit and no makeup: I had a far, far better plan to get you pregnant. Why go to the trouble of creating a new baby when we had babies already made? We used Dante and Lulu Falconeri's. Brad: Britt! How long before Dante and Lulu figure out that you have their son?! Can you even BELIEVE it? I'm still semi-shocked! The twist we all predicted over the summer was revealed today. I thought the show would take a full calendar year to tease the audience with lots of hints before confirming what we all saw coming. I don't know whether to be impressed that the story is progressing rather quickly or filled with dread over the many innuendo-filled conversations we know are coming between Britt and the Falconeris in which Dante and Lulu remain oblivious to the awkward and... Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2013 at Serial Drama
From the very second Franco conveniently stumbled upon a freshly dug grave at the very moment he needed to dispose of a body before a hot date with Carly*, I knew it was just a matter of time before the classic horror movie "OHMIGOD THE VILLAIN ISN'T REALLY DEAD, HIS/HER HAND JUST DRAMATICALLY BURST OUT FROM HIS/HER GRAVE OHMIGOD I DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING BECAUSE I NEVER GOT AROUND TO SEEING CARRIE OR THAT EPISODE OF PRETTY LITTLE LIARS OR THAT EPISODE OF MELROSE PLACE OR BASICALLY ANY TELEVISION EPISODE OR MOVIE THAT INCLUDED A BAD PERSON BEING BURIED" moment came and even though I was prepared for it, I still groaned out loud because of lameness. Lame is actually a pretty good overview of today's entire episode--I almost kept hoping the news would break in with a special alert that it had snowed earlier this morning and is also cold. LAME: AJ's trial taking place basically over the course of eight minutes. I am not saying that I wanted a prolonged trial, because this show's grasp of the legal system is mind-exploding at best. But this was the murder trial of a legacy character who was charged with... Continue reading
Posted Dec 10, 2013 at Serial Drama
I don't want to be melodramatic or come across as an actual crazy person by saying this, but it's more than a little bit true (both the following statement and that I am melodramatic and an actual crazy person): my stomach was in knots anticipating Robin's revelation that she's alive. Would the show do it justice? This was a very real concern, as the show's execution of big ideas is often lacking/bad. And Robin's reunion with her parents was so wonderfully done, what if all of their creativity went to that and Robin's dramatic reveal to Patrick and Mac and the rest of town happened entirely offscreen and was recapped in a scroll at the bottom of the screen. "ROBIN IS ALIVE, PATRICK WAS LIKE WHAT? ANYWAY, BACK TO SONNY..." What if the show did it justice, or at least tried to, and I hated it? This was possibly an even realer concern, as I hate most things, and I couldn't bear the thought of it. Happily--that doesn't even do it justice. Delightfully? Thrillingly? Wonderfully? Amazingly?--it was perfect. Perfect. PERFECT. The last minute of today's show just impeccable. And happy making. And wonderful. (I'm sure that other things happened in... Continue reading
Posted Dec 2, 2013 at Serial Drama
FI-NAL-LY! Right?! I've been waiting anxiously since the big casting news was announced and I'm not going to lie, I worried (this is probably the least shocking admission of all time, since we're all well aware that my default is a rather unappealing combination of stress and irritation). I worried that the show, knowing how much the audience was clamoring for it, would tease us for weeks, if not months ("You think I rush storylines? I'll show you rushing storylines. I'll rush this all the way to 2017 or cancellation, whichever comes first!"). And I worried that what happened onscreen simply couldn't live up to the rather perfect scenario I've been imagining in my head. But I was wrong and it was wonderful--being wrong isn't wonderful, exactly, but these few minutes have me so twitterpated that I don't even care that my natural pessimism lost out here. Yes, it happened: Juan Santiago returned and it was everything we all hoped it would be* He's a singer! And he loves Sabrina! And he brought her her mother's wedding dress on his way to a performance! Goosebumps, right?! Why is everyone looking at me like that? Did someone else have an epic... Continue reading
Posted Nov 25, 2013 at Serial Drama