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San Francisco
I am a Barbarian at The Barbarian Group
Interests: music, travel, food, art, design, fashion, technology
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1) Both these post have been on the TBG blog for a while ;) 2) The new Brok Sosh is frikken awesome. 3) The fact that I missed WhoMadeWho pains my soul.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2010 on Goodbye "Open" Hello Services at Justin Baum
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Mar 15, 2010
I do like my droid very much (almost as much as the iPhone). I've been collecting a list of random things I like / dislike about it that I will post soon. It really depends on whats most important to you in a phone/apps. But now that the Google phone is basically confirmed I would wait and see what happens. That is, if you can hold out a bit longer. Or at least wait until the new iPhone in the early summer.
@Otto, I agree the day it takes off is not here but collecting the data to play with before it takes off is a good idea if you are interested in or work in personal informatics / self tracking space. As for the battery life - Its been absolutely fine since I enabled latitude, but I charge every night when I get home too. (full disclosure, I have an iPhone too, not a droidboy). @Veronica If I were you I wouldn't touch latitude or anything like it with a 10 ft pole! :-P
Ha! I need to... maybe a project will come along that justifies it. Have you done it?