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"they achieved their mission years ago"...Right. So, what do you think they use most in Somalia? Vaio or Apple? Jeff I usually read your posts with great pleasure but it makes me sad that even smart, educated people like you mistake (Western Europe + USA) as "the world". Let me remind you: 80% of the Earth population is NOT living the same way you are. I can't be bothered to look up numbers right now, but a very very large percentage of those doesn't own a computer, and a sensible amount of these people wouldn't even know what to do with one. "When was the last time you saw a desktop or a home without a computer?" Every day, everywhere, here in Lebanon, although it is a fairly rich country (richer than other under-developed countries). In the capital, Beirut, a good bunch of people own a desktop, but still, in many cases, they don't. Outside the capital, you sometimes have one desktop per street, and people knock on their neighbor's door to use it, or go to network centers. In these countries, most email checking and communication goes through mobiles, but not tablets mind you, and not iphones either. And if they own another machine, it HAS to be all-purpose because there just isn't enough money to get yet another box for playing and another to do office work. That one desktop has to able to cater for the daughter's school research needs, the son's office work, the father's porn browsing and the mother's facebook, plus the occasional game or specialized software install. So next time you plan to get all prophet on us and make a prognostic, be sure to specify you are talking about your own geographical surroundings, because obviously you have no idea how the rest of us live.
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Nov 4, 2011