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Has Perl become some sort of old-schooler's arcana? :-P I've recently used Text::Template ( ) to great effect with the styles for a documentation site I've been working on. After writing a small driver program to mesh the template with the data, the result isn't so different-looking than the examples here. However, nothing beats direct browser support. Text::Template helped me a great deal while I tweaked my color scheme, but it was still lame that I had to run make after each change. Maybe I'll wire Apache up to do it for me sometime... Two attempts for adding a little horse power to CSS that didn't end up flying: Netscape's JSSS ( ) MSIE's Dynamic Properties ( ) There's a point of view that states that it's a good thing these technologies didn't catch on. It's probably true, especially where print applications are concerned. I assert, though, that it wouldn't take a Turing-complete language to evaluate an expression like top: ((#outer@height - @height) / 2) - 150px, and I have written more pages than I care to remember that would have benefitted impressively from that kind of evaluation. It would even still be somewhat friendly in situations where scripting is disabled or unavailable (unless non-geometry-related functionality crept in, but browser developers aren't known for that sort of unscrupulous behavior, right?).
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on What's Wrong With CSS at Coding Horror
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