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Lockie Wyse
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My Uncle made me watch the Leafs win their last Cup in 67.I was 5 yrs old.I asked Why I had to watch it.He told me it would be the last time the Leafs would ever win the cup.He was right.I don't know how he knew this.Because he died just after the 72 Canada Russia Series.And I never thought it would take this long to see it again.So I never asked him. I do know he Bled Royal Blue.Every calender was of the Leafs.Life size cut out of Davey Keon.I believe it had something to do with Conn Smyth selling the team after the NHLPA was formed.So you can call this 44 + yrs drought.The Cures of Conn. Look at how it's been run the last 44 yrs.It has to be on purpose. Because nobody is that stupid.
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Feb 22, 2011