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Wow, talk about needing to get facts straight. First, is there a stat for more rich Democrats in Congress than Republicans? For every Kerry that married into money, I give you a McCain that married into money. To pick a round number of top 25: 15 (R), 10 (D). There are also over 50 more Democrats than Republicans in Congress anyway, so all things equal, Democrats should have more rich members (but they don't, check Bush did nothing to try to reform Freddie and Fannie. He did the opposite. In 2003, he had Congress write the American Dream Downpayment Act. It "gave away" up 10K or 6% of a downpayment and closing costs to those that couldn't afford it. This act made meaningless the FHA requirement of at least 3% down, and ushered in an era of home buyers with no equity or skin in the game. I can only image what would have happened to Social Security if Bush was able to privatize it as he proposed in 2005. Our money would have gone done with Bear Streans, Lehman Brothers, and losses at Merrill Lynch. I don't know of anyone that had a 401K plan in stock over the last couple of years that has not taken a big loss. A Harvard medical study released by the American Journal of Public Health, found that 44,000 people die each year because of lack of health care. Sure you can be treated in an ER. You can also DIE there. A fatal heart attack or stroke treated in the ER could have been prevented if access to preventative care (through affordable insurance) was available. Many time it's not even a question of cost. Pre-existing heart condition = no insurance at any price. You can have conservative values, but those aren't Republican values, which the Tea Party is proving. Most Americans work hard and believe in picking themselves up, helping themselves and their neighbors. But that's American, not Republican. Republicans sent us from an annual budget surplus to a 2008 one trillion plus debt (almost $5 trillion during his 8 years). When the bank and insurance companies failed, Bush pushed through the largest bailout in history in TARP to prevent Wall Street from failure. Republicans in Washington don't believe in letting Wall Street fail. Campaign slogans that they have now seen the light after years of corporate handouts are just not credible.
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Sorry Mr. Wilson, but your memories of the 1950s to paraphrase your last thought, are a dream. Divorce was harder to get, but that didn't make for happier marriages. There was more abuse and cheating that never saw the light of day. Child molesters were protected by the Church. Sure porn was harder to get without the DVD or internet, but it was actually public - go to seedy theater. And I'm sorry, I don't want any authority figure - like a teacher - hitting a child. That teaches fear and distrust, not respect. Do you realize that more women attend college than men. In many households, the woman is holding the higher paying job. Of course, it would be moot if we could return to the days of one income supporting a household. Now I'm dreaming. Keep the Faith - You know the good ole days weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems. Billy Joel
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Anyone who would make such a sweeping statement like The Pogues are a "douchebag" band, would have to be intimately knowledgeable and in touch with their own inner douchebag.
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Some don't want the government between them and their doctor. Others don't want a corporate paper pusher between the two. Do we really want a church - one you may not belong to - get between you and your doctor? First, many churches already are involved in health care. One in six patients last year were seen in Catholic hospitals. Many other religious based schools have medical programs and facilities as well. While there are some religious organizations that may fall short of properly feeding the poor or caring for the sick, most are involved and are a vital gap that make up where government programs fall short. That said, there is a difference between "Church" and all the dominations and belief systems involved; and what we consider to be our moral duty as citizens. Sometimes, they can be the same. Religion and secular laws agree that murder is illegal. The death penalty can be interpreted differently by religions. So, the state, made of elected officials to protect all individual rights enforce laws and punishment. Religious private hospitals do not have to provide services that are legal, but they have stated a moral objection in providing. Abortion and family planning are a prime example. Other non-religious based facilities must be maintained to ensure services are available for all.
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