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Finally!!!!! People are waking up to the tholian web. Bill Joy (in some pop java guide) had a pretty clear grasp of how useful this all really is. He didn't seem impressed. Lately I see google as the incredible shrink wrapping graph. You see there is a nasty little self referential dividend they get with your every return visit. Ultimately the 'game' plays itself and expands its /mindshare/ like a brain slug, till you can't remember anything without them. Its going to be tough but some part of myself misses actual pages and words that dont move or flash. In the end I owe everything to books. The other thing is I'm very edgy about the 'underside' you know those 'spooky' pages that seem have died since Google....whoa spell likes G not g oogle .... creepy. I have a vague memory loving to hunt and having tons of links to keep track. As for what can 'we' do? I think we may need to build tools for keeping track of sites, capable of analyzing presenting the connections in useful ways.
Toggle Commented Mar 3, 2011 on Trouble In the House of Google at Coding Horror
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Mar 2, 2011