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Marilyn P Sushi
New York
Editor, Blogger, & Jewelry Maker behind Pulp Sushi.
Interests: music, jewelry, books, yoga, buddhism, toys, tattoos,horror, diy, cooking, old movies, writing, photography, blogging, classics, interior design, coffee, new york, etsy, low-brow art, hudson valley, handmade shopping, knitting
Recent Activity
This morning during my walk there was a surprising crisp in the air, almost Fall-like, I was loving it! Fall is my favorite time of year. The other day I was already thinking about this years spooky Halloween pieces but... Continue reading
I recently received some lovely samples of soap from a soap making company in Los Angeles, CA, True Lineage. I got two great types: "Grape Fruit" and "Rose Milk". I've been using the Grapefruit bar and it's heavenly. These highly... Continue reading
Did Etsy go back to their old treasury set up? I was kinda liking the new version of it. Woke up today to find myself in two gorgeous treasuries I wanted to share. Click the images to check them out...... Continue reading
I'm getting old! I did so much walking this weekend that my body feels like it's been hit by a truck this morning. What's up with that?? On Friday nights, The Metropolitan Museum of Art stays open late until 9:00... Continue reading
I'm taking an early train to NYC this morning and won't be back until Monday afternoon. Once again this is probably the only real vacation I'll have this year unless we stumble upon some extra cash. We have trips to... Continue reading