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Marilyn P Sushi
New York
Editor, Blogger, & Jewelry Maker behind Pulp Sushi.
Interests: music, jewelry, books, yoga, buddhism, toys, tattoos,horror, diy, cooking, old movies, writing, photography, blogging, classics, interior design, coffee, new york, etsy, low-brow art, hudson valley, handmade shopping, knitting
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How happy am I to see that people still put out print zines? Even I took a stab at it a very long time ago, it was called "Fuzzy Dice". One of my sponsors Artistic Goodness is holding it down... Continue reading
Some of my plants keeping me company It's been two weeks since I started working from home and I'm getting the hang of some things. I'm still working on managing my time. I'll be working on my blog and before... Continue reading
Aw I just caught this. What a sweet face! And thanks for the link. :)
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Here & there at the homesteady
Last week I brought back my Have You Seen... posts. I even made a graphic for it, ta-da! As an avid blog follower, I get excited over some of the things I find online so this is my chance to... Continue reading
Thanks Mary! That's a great attitude to have. I could pull it off if they're maybe a soooooft pastel shade but that's it. :)
Thanks Renee! I could probably get away with wearing this color if I just worn them as earrings. ;)
I've had these butterfly charms originally on a pair of earrings that didn't seem to take off so it was time for a change. The charm is really pretty and crying out to be used. It's been a while since... Continue reading
Thanks Angela! I have a small deck too and I cant wait until I can start to sit outside. Theres still a little chill in the air here. :)
Lighting really does make a difference. The place I just left didn't have ANY windows in the room I was working in and it really does suck the life out of you if you're not facing natural light.
Thanks Hannah! I actually prepared a nice little spreadsheet to serve as my timesheet so I can monitor how much time I spend doing various things. I haven't started using it yet lol! I need to work on that too. :)
Today we have a guest post from Naomi Shaw talking about a subject I'm excited about, working from home! Naomi is a writer who lives in Southern California. She has been in the home remodel and decor industry for quite... Continue reading
Aw thanks Chantilly! Maybe you come up for a day trip when the weather gets warmer. :)
Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend. I'm still buzzing from the great day I had at Bazaar-on-Hudson yesterday in Cold Spring, NY. The weather was gorgeous and the turnout was amazing. Couldn't have asked for a better... Continue reading
Happy Friday everyone! Every now and then I like to share some treasuries my items were included in so why not end the week with such a post? You can click the image to see the treasury and check out... Continue reading
Very cool! Going to check it out now!
Ok guys, now that I'm home I can commit to a more regular blogging schedule. I've tried this in the past, and failed but not this time! I love sharing my Have You Seen... posts and hope to bring it... Continue reading
I think Winter is finally over even though my apartment is still chilly. A lot of these pictures were taken during my last week of work. Some friends said they will miss my morning commute pictures but that's ok. I'll... Continue reading
You too Kathryn! Can't wait!
Sharing Pulp Sushi Etsy jewelry shop updates and finding inspiration without overworking yourself. Continue reading
My first craft fair of the year is coming up this Sunday in Cold Spring, NY. It's the debut of Bazaar-on-Hudson and I cannot wait to be a part of it and check it out as a customer! And we're... Continue reading
I can only do mental cartwheels because a real one could leave me in the ER lol!
Treasuries are fun but they're SO time consuming so the more places to share it, the better exposure ya know? Makes all the work worth it. :)