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Congrats Jeff! I find my children terrifying and awesome as well. When you have that first one you realize that there is another set of basic priorities that get inserted at the top of the internal list you've had, and rarely modified, for your entire life. While you are presumably in love with your wife, she is also someone you've had a lengthy relationship with and you're adults and she's not perfect (just like you) and that love is a faceted thing. With a baby, it's pretty straightforward - they're new to this world and you're wholly responsible for not letting them die. That first night home from the hospital was the first. What you'll find when you have your twins is that the next kids are even more incredible because they're SO DIFFERENT from the first. Watching the differences develop and comparing to the first actually makes you appreciate the first kid's uniqueness even more now that you have a reference. That was actually one of my favorite things to see. Enjoy!
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Oct 24, 2011