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This basically seems like one of the points of the Maj Gant plan from a few years ago. If you want to declare a win in Afghanistan, you're gonna have to alter the definition of what a "win" consists of. Its a xenophobic culture that rallies to confront anything trying to change it, so don't do that and focus on what you need to get out of being there, because you won't change it if they think you're trying to change it. The US has never fought in such a xenophobic environment before. Afghanistan may advance some day, but its going to take a very very long time. MUCH more time than the American public has patience for.
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I'm surprised you include Michael Savage in that list. I've listened to him on and off for years and have long had the gut feeling he's a pretender - a leftist who is making more money off feigning being on the right... I reached the same conclusion...he's a 5th columnist.
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Well, if you don't consider allowing Hezbolla to setup shop in your country or using the narcos as a political weapon, no, then there's no serious threat there at all.
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Jul 11, 2012