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Barbara, thank you for posting this! I'm doing the same thing with my OOP titles, as well as some sequels and more standalones. So far I have one up on Amazon and B&N (Fat Girls in LA) and am getting more ready to go. The biggest hurdle we all face as "self-pubbed" authors is marketing ourselves but where our traditional publishers may have been slow to respond to trends or news on the web, we can jump right on them and link our books, write blog posts, tweet, etc. The ability to respond quickly and timely is a big benefit over the Big 6. Btw, there is a way to get your book listed for free on Amazon. It's a little tricky but you need to list it for free on another site like Smashwords then use the "report a lower price" link on your book's Amazon page. It has worked for many authors but it can take a long time to do so. Good luck with the books! ~Leigh
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Jan 27, 2012