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Are these some of the Wolf Dogs that were rescued from that scumbag in Palmer, AK? Even if not, I'm glad they're getting to live a happier life now. Also, as a side note, it's illegal in Alaska to own or breed dog/wolf hybrids. So, double scumbag on that guy.
I wish you would go back to film -- video sucks.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2012 on Video Q&A Post for Denver Comicon at WWdN: In Exile
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You've gotten a lot of great advice, and it's wicked awesome that John Palmer dropped by! I also have his book on my shelf, and until recently listened to the Brewing Network podcasts all the time. (I even have a hop grenade tattoo -- that was a wild night with some pro brewer friends.) ANYWAY My two cents on a couple of things: 1. The dishwasher idea isn't bad, but the folks I know who do that usually run it empty first to clear any residual dish soap. Dish soap in your bottles will ruin head retention and may leave weird flavors. 2. If your StarSan ratios are correct (which, knowing you, I'm confident they are), you don't have to let the bottles dry -- StarSan is a "no rinse" sanitizer and does not affect the flavor or anything else of your beer. Remember, the more time any of your equipment or beer is exposed to air, the more you risk infection. 3. I don't know any homebrewers that still use secondary fermenters unless necessary for the style or particular recipe. (I think even John Palmer recommends against it.) Pro breweries don't do it (unless necessary), and again, it's just another opportunity for something to go wrong. Very few styles will suffer negatively from being kept on the yeast until you're ready to bottle or keg, so long as you crash it as described above before transferring to the bottling bucket. Welcome to the club -- let us know when you enter your first competition!
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Aug 9, 2011