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Just two quick things about JCCC2: First, thank you for your great performance. Your stories hit incredibly close to home and were quite touching. (I am not as good a man as you; I haven't been able to force myself to play Scrabble with my wife for years... it's just too humiliating. You may have shamed me into making another effort, though.) Second, I wanted to tell a short story about something I witnessed on the boat that just made me so happy to be with all of you. One evening, I was heading down to meet my wife and some other Sea Monkey friends for dinner. Our friends' 10-year-old daughter was walking with me when she spotted you in the hallway on the way into the Vista Dining Room. She turned to me, and excitedly asked if I'd mind taking her picture with you. "Sure," I said, "If it's okay with him, I'd be happy to." We held back for a couple minutes because a snork had button-holed you and was yammering away. I found myself really impressed your grace and kindness as you smiled and patiently answered her questions, even though it seemed from your body language that you really kind of wanted to get to dinner. As the snork kept talking, I started getting uncomfortable. Caught between not wanting to disappoint the girl I was with and also not wanting to be the guy who crassly takes advantage of your generosity. As I was sort of internally squirming, wondering what to do, the 10-year-old looks up at me and demonstrates maturity far beyond her years, saying, "Hmm. Maybe another time would be better, huh?" "Yeah," I said, smiling, "That's a great idea." Just one of those many moments on JCCC2 when I felt surrounded by enormously cool people.
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Mar 3, 2012