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You really missed something with the original design... One of the problems with our pets is that they get board and fat. There's very little reason to do any exertion in your life when your food magically appears in a bowl and your sexual needs ...has... ...uh... ...been "taken care of" on a more or less permanent basis. Your cats figured out that they could kibble themselves with a little pawing and stretching in the old feeders. Imagine if you didn't program the feeder at all. Instead, if your cats wanted food, they would have to "hunt" it down themselves by pawing at it through the feeder. They'll get exercise and their life will be that much more exciting. Not entirely tongue-in-cheek. When Gus, the polar bear at the Central Park Zoo was diagnosed with depression, one of the things the zoo keepers did was freeze his food in blocks of ice. Now, in order to get the food, Gus had to break through the ice by biting on it and tossing it around. The bear's mood picked up and he was no longer depressed.
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May 13, 2012