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I agree, sly. By the way, does your last name begin with "J"? Is it J a _ _ s?
Just more victim mentality mindset! When are people going to be responsible (and accountable) for their own actions? Who knows why he left her? None of us knows the full story. Whatever the case, he didn't deserve a death sentence and neither did the younger woman. If they sinned they will be judged by their Creator, as will the killer. Society should punish the killer for extreme anti-social actions, to deter similar vigilantism and to maintain order and personal security ... not because it's a sin.
Mr. McIntire, Your letter is inaccurate. The article does not say Mr. Stathopoulos informed the mayor of Raymore that he had a “God given right” to bring his gun to City Council meetings. If you'll read the article you'll note he wrote an e-mail stating “I’m asking you to resign immediately!” He goes on to write, “If you do not, I intend to confront you at the next meeting and ask in public that you do resign. I will take every step … with all my power … to see to it that you no longer hold office within this city and violate my God given rights!” Now, the issue that apparently sparked the e-mail was a gun ordinance vote, but your misrepresentation is a disingenuous attempt to paint the man as "a gun nut," as you so eloquently put it. One might assume Mr. Stathopoulos, a former Raymore mayor, meant the inalienable God-given rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (among others) specifically mentioned in our Declaration of Independence, and later protected through specific means in our Constitution (among them, the right to bear arms). But it is simply a distortion of the truth to claim he said he had a “God given right” to bring his gun to City Council meetings, and then go off on him as a crazy person posing a "clear and present danger" (which, by the way, is a Supreme Court-created burden for limiting free-speech rights). Your letter does a disservice to the people of Raymore, and of the metro area, by not addressing facts, and by adding to the hysteria through ad hominem. All sides of the issue need to refrain from resorting to falsehood.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on God-given gun rights? at Unfettered Letters