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Interests: knitting, reading, sewing, crochet, quilting, embroidery, cinema. travelling
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Would you like to learn to crochet? Let me teach you! I'm running a beginners class at The Fibreworks in Chipping Norton this coming Tuesday (3rd February), 10-1pm. There are still a few spaces left, so hurry! AND if you... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at {quilt} while you're ahead
Have you hear the big news? Let's assume you have at least heard of Comic Relief/Red Nose day... yes? (if not please click here or you might be a little confused). Ok, with me? Great, WELL, Emma (aka Silverpebble) has... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at {quilt} while you're ahead
A title like that was impossible to ignore, right? If you like the idea of time travel then this is your book. A new take on it, as a matter of fact it's not exactly time travelling at all, flawless... Continue reading
Posted Jan 21, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
This is going to be the most useless knitting post ever, so if you want to move on now feel free. I won't be offended. I finished another hat. And it's really warm and light and fluffy. BUT: 1) it's... Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
First time for everything, right? Adapted from a recipe from Anna Jones' brilliant book "a modern way to eat"... the original recipe calls for lemon rinds (not in the morning, thank you) and raisins (and you know how I feel... Continue reading
Posted Jan 19, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
I don't normally name my quilts. I don't give names to my car or my sewing machine either. I'm terrible at remembering people's names too. This quilt however, has always been 'broken'. When I first started it many months ago... Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
love this!
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2015 on The Ghost of Paris Eloise at the scent of water
Quick read. I'd give it a 8 out of 10. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it. Loved the characters and the setting (I didn't know much about life in Holland during that period, exciting and stifling at the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
I've replaced the Japanese fabric on my door with a more seasonally appropriate one. Last night for the first time this winter we've had a light dusting of snow... (first snowdrops!)!) The air is clean and smells amazing. Love it.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
My reading year has started off with a bang. A soft but powerful bang. Whispered and impossible not to hear. I really enjoyed her other books (Gilead and Home), but this is my favourite. It's a book to savour and... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
Did you have a nice weekend? We did have a nice weekend, thank you. Started off early and wet on a football pitch with No 3, then hockey with No 1, then rugby with No 2. The weather though... urgh...... Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
Feeling more human today. Slept a longer night and although it took me till about 11.00 to properly feel awake I'm here. I've rejoyned the race so to speak. Baking. Let's do some baking today; it's been far too long.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
Slow. Still totally jet-lagged and unable to sleep at night... but oh how I could sleep right now! Boys back at school. So I'm taking it slow. Make the beds, do the washing. Tidy up. Not all the Christmas light... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
I had a test-crochet deadline in December... for a pair of fingerless mittens! Weird. But I can't show mine yet...
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2015 on something old, something new at FuoriBorgo
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gosh how did you manage to hide it from her! It's beautiful. Good job. I'm sure it'll be treasured for years to come... (and generations too)
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Tecnhically this is the last finished project of 2014. (On the sofa, on Christmas afternoon, stuffed like a turkey and whilst watching the latest Planet of the Apes movie, surrounded by sleeping family members, to be precise). The pattern is... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
I don't own anything red. Although I almost bought a pair of cherry red converse shoes last week. Who knows why. Tulips. Red tulips I like. A lot. In fact I have some in a vase on my kitchen table. (hate red roses)
Toggle Commented Jan 5, 2015 on Red at the scent of water
Gosh. Here goes my resolution of blogging more regularly and we've only just begun a new year. How rubbish of me. Let's see... let's try to bring ourselves up to speed first. We've had a fabulous time in Florida. It... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2015 at {quilt} while you're ahead
Day 2 and 3. We could get used to this.... Posted with Blogsy Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2014 at {quilt} while you're ahead
Day one. Universal Studios. Posted with Blogsy Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2014 at {quilt} while you're ahead
A quick post about this amazing cake. Super easy to do, very little butter, no baking. Delicious. The recipe is available online on the Nigella Lawson's website, but I'm posting here to make it easy for you... I warn you... Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2014 at {quilt} while you're ahead
... also called 'scraping the barrell of blog writing'... - it's quite early on Sunday morning and 3/5 of the households are still in bed. The lucky ones. - No 3 and I have been up for ours... it kind... Continue reading
Posted Dec 21, 2014 at {quilt} while you're ahead
I was having a conversation last night with my brother about the ugliness of people and society at the moment (he's a Franciscan monk and his order has been completely and totally robbed of all their money by some disgusting accountants who syphoned millions to switzerland blah blah blah... they have no money to heat convents this winter, for food or to support their missions around the world it's a catastrophe..) and he was trying to point out to me that there's still so much more beauty and good in the world and order than ugliness and evil and chaos... it just depends on where we chose to look... that only by looking at the light we can ignore the darkness... mmmhhh, I said... that's why he's the monk and I get angry.... Beautiful photos. Sorry about the rant. And I love the look of your crochet blanket.
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2014 on Existential joy at the scent of water
I seriously doubt my sanity after starting a quilt ten days before Christmas and with all else going on... kids off school, tons of washing, getting the house ready for visitors and celebrations... It's never going to be finish during... Continue reading
Posted Dec 19, 2014 at {quilt} while you're ahead
oh wow. I'd love to do this... no such place around here... (show us some!!)
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2014 on Our tradition at house on hill road
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