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I find I play my opposite a lot in RP and TT games a lot because that is a side of me I can't show in RL. So if, for instance, I am feeling angry or bitter, and, being an adult with responsibilities and blah blah blah, can't get it off my chest, I can do it very effectively in game. it works to get my angst out, whereas in RL, I try to be as positive and optimistic as possible, because being mean, and trying to maintain a negative outlook is exhausting.
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When I was roughly 10 years old, my father insisted (as he did every summer) that I read several books and write reports on each. These books reports were separate from those required for turning in at the start of the fall semester. I hated it. I resented the time I needed to spend reading and writing versus playing and running around with my friends. This particular summer, the book of my pointed impatience and hatred was "Pride and Prejudice." Picture it: a ten year old girl, at the BEACH, told she cannot play or even leave the house until her reading is done for the day. To say I loathed this novel is an understatement. I can clearly remember my plan to burn the pages at the end of the summer. I re-read this novel when I was 18, and again when I was 25. And it is now one of my favorite books of all time. There is no way that the ten year old me could ever have understood, never-mind truly appreciated, the subtle nuances of the dialogue, the description of society, the resulting relations. Elizabeth, to a 25 year old me, was an intelligent, fiery, brilliant and independent female- someone to be respected and even awed for her sense of spirit in a time period when being an actively thinking and outspoken female was verboten. I am so glad I had the presence of mind to reread a much hated and feared work of literature as an adult. I understand fully the power of the written word, but I believe every student should be told that a book hated today is very likely a book truly loved in the future.
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Jul 1, 2012