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Through the prism of our shared and revered scriptures, the evil of mohamad as the malevolence of islam, is clealry revealed and made evident. This is true to both believing Gentile as it is to practicing Jew. Ours is a natural alliance as is also a necessary one. The outright disgust at islam and it's murdering legacy is both a visceral reaction as is an intellectual rationalization, a spiritual and a existential reflection. We must be all one.
It is not only on account of a religious obligation but it is also because my human conscience that I'm mandated to speak the truth and to fight evil, therefore every time I see a devotee of the sadistic, pedophile prophet in this land, my contempt towards the evil of islam will be expressed. This I will do verbally, symbolically and glaringly, it is my right.
Thank'sfor the info, DDarmy
So what's the excuse for murdering innocent people in Thailand? Settlements, colonialism, freedom, self-defence? Anything but islam indeed..... OT, anyone know what is going on at Jihadwatch, commentary section not working?
Historical speaking, obama has strengthened his future defense for having allowed under his watch the undoing of our National security for perpetuity: "I only followed the best advice given to me by my advisors" (Kerry, Hagel). Unfortunately, both advisors knowledge and vision is confined narrowly by the tall grass of Vietnam
With a shared and almost identical world view seared in deeply by their Vietnam experience, Kerry and Hagel will assuredly give obama exactly the expected advice he wants to hear: Appease , runaway, select any contingency, any but..., so long as for now we don’t get into another Vietnam.
This character if filthy in and out. His failure arises as much from a deficiency in character as from his lack of intelligence. Make sure you wash well the clothing you wore in his proximity, the man is a walking vessel replete with an alphabet colection of STD's. '
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2012 on Rancid Brand: Russell's Jihad at Atlas Shrugs
Pam's pen is mightier than mo's sword!, kudos to her and the Knightly Robert Spencer, America owes you more than she knows.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2012 on Dee-groovy Dance thread at Atlas Shrugs
It is yet not too late my Jewish brothers and sisters, wake up! Don't forget, just about a year ago, following a meeting between Netanyahu and Obama, to despite a carefully articulated set of diplomatic statements implying cooperation and unity , the actual truth of it all escaped out through one Bibi's comments. "After I discussed our situation to the President of the USA, he was able to understand Israel’s unique security concerns"... This was 2011, able to understand?, how is possible for any informed human on this planet not able to understand this issue much less the POTUS until 2011? It has never been a matter of understanding, it has been a matter of caring and concern which is not primarily for the US or Israel but for that derived innately from his father and early muslim influence.
Obama's incalculably great and catastrophic failure in checking iran's maniacal drive to create nuclear bomb factories will assuredly leave America and the world doomed, with any future devoid of a chance of experiencing any sense of national security for all of perpetuity. It will be an irreversible, always tending downwards , spiral towards a cataclysmic armageddon. Even if the question of genocide is reluctantly accepted, the cost of attempting to protect our cities and people will be ruinous financially and leave our citizenry , children and women, in a constant state of insecurity and justifiable fear. All the think tanks in the world have as of yet not been able to assess the total sum of effects and costs of the never ending islamic republics hoarding and development of nukes. Let the cries of humanity from the not to distant future not be futilely ignored or denied. Obama is not sufficiently afraid of islamic nukes, this to the unprecedented detriment our future. Continue reading
Posted Jan 14, 2012 at Qurak0's blog
I, as the vast majority of citizens who feel sorrow and pain for those murdered by the sincerely obedient followers of muhammad and islam on 911, wish I could have been there, shoulder to shoulder with everyone on this rally. Thank you Pamela and Robert, few causes gather such an outstanding group of individuals who exude the finest virtues of humanity, empathy, courage, intelligence and patriotism.
Pamela, you scored big in my opinion, despite the pro-islam , pro-GZM piece 60 minutes aired tonight. It contained many newsworthy omissions of fact and only provided an inept and superficial interview of the NY native real-estate developer "hey look at the gym" guy and Mr. ambassador of peace "better do what we want" imam. Nonetheless, you where able to counter their view points truthfully and wisely in the short time they allowed you and after much editing I’m sure. Even some of the people sitting next to me watching the piece who are unaware of true islam and the real significance of this mosque where appalled at this unabashed CBS propaganda stunt, passing by as journalism. We love you Pamela, and who are we? 70% of the American people, Keep up the outstanding work.
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2010 on 60 Minutes on the Ground Zero Mosque at Atlas Shrugs
CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator of terrorism. It’s primary supporter is Saudi Arabia, a country which disallows a single Christian Church or Jewish temple to exist. Daily around the world adherents of the theology cair is part of are murdering Christians and other non-believers. Their aims go beyond intimidating Christians and Jews with lawsuits. I hope people educate themselves about cair and it’s real agenda. It is a foreign army inside of our shores
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Dr. Lopez should be praised not indicted for not giving preferance to a foreign national. If the saudi government spent their billions developing health research insted of sponsoring wahaddism, they would be better at taking care of their own.
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