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For general purpose (unconstrained) voice recognition, the best thing we could hope for (without real AI) is probably about the same level as an Aspie/Autist understands verbal communication; i.e. very literal. This might be good enough for cheap closed captioning, but not for making a more intuitive user interface (at least not for a non-geek). For geeks (closer to the Autism end than the Normal end of the autism spectrum) it might soon be good enough for some usage... ;) The real problem is that if the speech recognition requires a fair amount of training, a tactile interface is likely to be easier to learn to use fast. Dictation using a human typist is not faster (from thought to final written text) than typing it yourself if you're a good typist, though a good stenographer may manage to extract the essence and write it down during a brainstorm faster than an amateur would, it's very unlikely that an unintelligent machine would ever be able to do so...
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Jun 22, 2010