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It always amazes me how much of the cost gets left on the floor when the salesman is telling me how much I will save by purchasing his products. Is this a good idea? Sure. Is it a good idea economically? I still have to find $12,999 cash to purchase the item. Then I have to buy the "ingredients" for the item each month for the life of machine. Next I have to pay to transport these secret sauce parts to my house and pay store them. Then I am pretty sure this "factory in my garage" will consume electricity. (I could put up another $2,000 for solar panels to run it I guess.) I am pretty sure my Home Insurance carrier, let alone the city zoning, does not allow me to store 250+ gallons of flammable liquids at my residence. What happens when there is a spill? How much will the Hazmat team bill cost me? Convert to E85? About $1,000 ( the kit is about $500, then labor for the rest.) My 2004 F-150 gets 18.5 MPG on good Gasoline, 16.5 MPG on 10% Ethanal and it will get about, 11.5 MPG on Ethanol. That 65% more gallons of fuel I need to burn. If half of my fuel purchases are done away from my house then that cuts the efficiency of a home station by half or increases the cost by two fold. If i buy this many pump i have to assign any "CARBON REDUCTION CREDIT ASSIGNMENT" to his company. Yes, #4 in his license Agreement. Oh, and there is the $10 a month subscription fee Pay to him to use the machine. And was it only me who notice the $0.25 a gallon Fee for using my $12,999 station? Yes, some of the costs are waived the first year of placement. Then there are repairs and maintenance of all and sundry related equipment. Let's see over 10 years I would guess that I could spend $12,999 for the pump $2,000 for a solar panel $1,200 for 10 years of fees $5,000 in pump per gallon charges $2,000 to convert my 2 cars Unknown tax savings Unknown repair cost $23,200 for my 2 cars for 10 years compared to $48,000 for gasoline at $3 per gallon What's missing here? Oh, right the secret ingredients to run the fermentation pump. 12 pounds of Sugar per gallon of Ethanol. So I would need 24,000 pounds to make 2,000 gallons. I would buy in 25 pound bags to make it usable. (That is about the size of large Dump truck pile. about 8 Cubic Yards) Did anyone mention where i dispose of the waste by products? At $1 a pound I would need to spend $24K a year on sugar. Even if i got that down to 10 cents a pound, thats $24,000 over 10 years on "Sugars" So, its a wash, $48,000 for the ethanol pump or $48,000 for the gasoline. Someone remind me again, where am I saving money?
Toggle Commented May 14, 2010 on Running on Empty? at LA Times Magazine
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May 14, 2010