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...bah, that was originally a reply to someone else further up in the thread. Oh, well. Information is still relevant!
1 reply is what you're thinking of. That lets you unbind a Kindle from an account, so the opportunist at least can't keep draining purchases off of the device. They can then bind it to their own account, as others have mentioned. You can, however, call Amazon customer service and give them the Kindle's serial number, and they can set the Kindle to remotely lock (putting the Kindle into a 'call Amazon customer service' mode) next time it checks in with the Amazon servers. And you can get the serial number off of the 'manage devices' page listed above. To contact them to get the device locked, go to the Kindle forum at and click the 'Contact Us' button (which generates an obnoxiously long contextually-relevant link I didn't want to paste in here), and will get you in touch with someone.
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I... actually periodically trawl my spam folder for really good, surreal sentences in spam mail and add them to my 'story fodder' folder. *hangs head*
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2012 on I spent way too much time on this. at WWdN: In Exile
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Apropos of nothing, I just have to say that I read 'WWAFNFUFFBNF' and got the mental image of someone stuffing their mouth with marshmallow Peeps. Which, at 12:45am, somehow struck me as hilarious beyond words.
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The AFK is awesome. I love that every time there's a menu change or new games added to the library, they release 'patch notes' on their blog.
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A tavern for tabletop gaming would almost have to be called the "Dwarven Alehouse." Though I suppose "Aeofel's Ales" would work, because then the regulars could be "Aeofel's Ale-o-philes."
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Eureka: The Movie Musical RIDE presented in DIGITAL 3D! (Because if you're going to go over the top, you might as well shoot for orbit.)
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Fair point, Tom. Still, people used to driving gas cars often aren't really consciously aware that they spend more gas going up a hill than down, even if intellectually they know it. (A few of those who have ridden in my LEAF and then examined their own driving habits and gas usage have then remarked that they've realized the same principles apply to their gas cars.) I wish there was a middle ground, something that could illustrate effectively to people how driving STYLE impacts efficiency, while still not generating range anxiety (or other wildly-inaccurate assumptions) as the guessometer does.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2011 on Showing EV State of Charge at Tom's Blog
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You're right that the miles-remaining meter is pointless in terms of actual feedback to an experienced EV driver, and an SOC value would be more useful in many cases. But that readout seems actually (and somewhat ironically) useful in educating non-EV-drivers on how things work. Watching the miles go up/down has prompted more than one person in the passenger seat to remark on how they've noticed speed or terrain altering my range. Pointing to the kWh efficiency readout on the Energy Information screen, however, doesn't seem to 'click' for them in the same way; the mileage guessometer seems familiar enough conceptually that they can relate to it in a way they can't with the Energy Info screens.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2011 on Showing EV State of Charge at Tom's Blog
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Congratulations! :)
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2010 on One year of Girl at Dana Claire Simpson dot com
I'm going to second this one. Seriously, if ANY show attracts a demographic of people who would like to be able to watch episodes online, BBT would be high on that list.
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You know, this is so true. For me, "Beastie Feastie" is the Round Table Pizza that used to be on 25th Ave in Seattle, right near the university campus. I remember having to climb on a chair to play that. And "Outrun" was the convenience store near my house, right by the slushie machine.
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