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(I meant in the 2nd Ratmansky). I was also surprised that Stella stayed in the second cast for Symphony #9. I was hoping that they'd pull her for a first cast of one of the two newer pieces, since that role Simone originated wasn't as showy for Stella. Would've liked to see her switched out for someone sassy like Skylar and Stella given more to do in one of the other pieces. Sigh.
As always I agree with you about Stella. I'm presuming her absence from Symphony in C is because she's cast in a Month in the Country? But it doesn't make it better. At least Yuriko got cast. Which these days seems to be a minor miracle.
Apparently all it takes to be a principal at ABT is a twitter account and a trampoline. I was too cranky to write more than the below post, but you get the gist.
Speaking of Stella - did you see that she and Sascha performed The Leaves Are Fading pdd at the Nantucket Dance Festival last week, with some pretty well-known names on the program? I suppose there's no way McKenzie is going to give us that one at CC in October, huh.
Totally agree - his Tchai PdD was the only thing that got a standing O at one mixed bill I saw, and everyone else dancing were well-known principals of various companies (though none are my favorite)
And see I thought you were going to post about the ridiculous price of $135, with no discounts for purchasing multiple days. More expensive than MET season tickets. Not that it stopped me. Sigh.
Back to the original tangent - I really hope some fans in Korea get a youtube up of Yuriko and Jared's Giselle this weekend so everyone can see what we saw in Chicago! Too bad Jared wasn't in town to see the POB version, I think some of that characterization would really suit him.
Yeah - I thought they had a real interesting chemistry. Like the similar animal energy they had in Upper Room last year too. Or kind of like the much less polite/refined version of the strange chemistry David Hallberg had when they used to let him dance with Stella in things like Meadow or Afternoon of a Faun (or...Espada and Mercedes for that matter).
And poor Yuriko, dancing with Daniil does nothing for her - Jared would be so amazing with those lifts Danill can barely do! Jared's espada is really powerful - I really think he could pull of an interesting Basilio. If they really want Cory to succeed they're going to have to find him a partner with some ooph to force it out of him. He was good with Simone in the Volpi and interesting with Hee in a rehearsal of Onegin, but other than that I've never seen him spark with anyone. All I can hope for is they give Hee back to Cory for R&J next season and give Yuriko a shot opposite Hammoudi (if not Jared). I think it would be AMAZING.
If nothing else, at least take some comfort in the fact that she's a better actress than Osipova, and while a little less than exciting, she doesn't inspire any cringing. We knew it was coming for so long that it's hard to get worked up about it. Though it did make me a tiny bit want to sneak Stella!!!!! signs into the Met on Saturday.
So I'm a little worried - I just realized ABT is doing Le Corsaire in DC next spring. Looking at THIS spring's lineup of Stiefel, Simkin, Vasiliev, Vasiliev, Vasiliev and Vasiliev dancing Ali.... ABT better start teaching some homegrown talent the Ali role...unless Marcelo is going to do both Conrad and Ali almost every night. (They better not bring Vasiliev on tour!) I vote for Gray Davis getting the shot - he's danced it before somewhere down south I think.
Love the line re: the mountain gang. Was your "obligation" the need not to see Osipova dance? Sadly with misty out tomorrow I've got to sit through it. But looking forward to seeing Herman at least - I've had to avoid him so much this season since he's been paired with guests.
Well, they didn't receive my usual donation this year, and lost about the price of 10 tickets I didn't buy, both because of the guests and the lack of opportunities for Stella and the other soloists. Sad.
ABT just announced via Twitter that Osipova pulled out of tonight's show - so tonight will also now be a home team performance of Reyes/Cornejo/Boylston/Simkin. Hmmmmm.