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I'd been running a Serenity RPG for the last year or so, but about a month ago, I got the itch to play D&D again, which I hadn't played since high school (about 20 years ago). I mentioned it to my wife, and then this happened: HER: I could run a D&D game. ME: Reallly?!? HER: Sure! I used to run them all the time in high school. ME: I have never loved you more than at this moment. We're three sessions into our D&D campaign now (ed. 3.5), and my beautiful wife is an awesome DM. I've reconnected with my lead figures (I guess they call them miniatures these days) and my friends and I are having an absolute blast. MMORPGs and video games are fun, but nothing touches the pure joy of tabletop RPGs ... especially D&D.
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Dec 14, 2011